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Cimbria S.r.l.

Via Colombarotto, 2
40026 Imola


Phone:    +39 0542 361 423
Fax:    +39 0542 643 567

Contact Persons

  Export Manager

   Mrs. Michela Pelliconi (

   Phone: +390542361423, Fax: +390542643567

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Business: Manufacturer

Machinery Categories: Separation equipment, Sorting plants

Products in Detail:

Color sorters, Electronic Sorters, Resonance Sorters

Pictures of the company and its products (click on the thumbnail to open full size)

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 1: SEA PIXEL Sorter for PET and HDPE

Pic 2: SEA NEXT Sorter for PET flakes

Pic 3: SEA CHROME Sorter for ABS, PS, ecc.

Pic 4: SEA Working Process

Company Profile:

Many years of experience has made CIMBRIA-SEA a leading in electronic sorting technology. Our strong market position is a result of 40 years of knowhow within development and production of electronic colour sorting equipment. This enables us to offer innovative and flexible sorting solutions based on a technical experience and a strong concept.

SEA colour sorters are the of state-of-the-art technology where traditional advantages have been improved with most advanced technology, whilst maintaining simplicity of use.

Thanks to continuous R&D strong actions, CIMBRIA SRL offers highly advanced technological sorting solutions for plastic recycling.

SEA electronic sorters can sort any kind of shreds, flakes or pallet materials to separate the out-of-spec or defective product deferring in colour, shade, opacity or transparency such as burnings or dark spots, yellowish granules and foreign bodies optically distinguished.

Typical applications are the recycling of PVC shreds from windows profiles, PET bottles flakes recycling, HDPE, cars components recovery (Abs, Pmma, Pc, Pp, etc.).

On industrial scraps SEA sorters are used to recover highest-value materials while on post-consumers materials they allow the separation into homogeneous fractions before regeneration process.

Our latest SEA CHROME sorting models use the FULL-COLOR RGB trichromatic technology, while other SEA sorters offers monochromatic, bichromatic, IR, UV, and others technologies.

For peace of mind, CIMBRIA SRL offers the interactive remote technical service via the Internet, allowing constant control and updating of the software.

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