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BADICO Trading GmbH

Augsburger Str. 43
82110 Germering


Phone:    +49 (0) 89 21756295
Fax:    +49 (0) 89 21756296

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   Mr. Andreas Badenjki (

   Phone: 08921756295, Fax: 08921756296, Mobile: 015233866003

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Business: Trade, Distribution, Recycling, Compounding

Products: Virgin Material, Surplus Material , Compounds, Recyclat, Regrinds, Plastics Waste

Materials: ABS, ASA, EPDM, EPS, ETFE, FEP, HIPS, LCP, Masterbatch, PA, PA 4.6, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.10, PA 6.12, PA 6.6/PA 6, PA 12, PA/PE, PBT, PBT/ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PC/PET, PE, PE-HD, PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE/PP, PEEK, PEI, PES, PET-A, PET-G, PFA, PMMA, PO, POM, PP, PP-Copo, PP-GF, PP-Homo, PP-TV, PP/EPDM, PPA, PPO, PPS, PPSU, PS, PS/Alu, PSU, PTFE, PVC, PVC-h, PVC-w, PVDF, SAN, SEBS, Silikon, others, TPE, TPO, TPU

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Company Profile:

BADICO Trading GmbH is your sole distributor for technical plastics in Germany.

Our portfolio includes all compounds of PC, PC/ABS, ABS, PA 6 and PA 6.6, as well as some selected compounds of SAN, ASA, PC/ASA, PC/PBT, PA/ABS and PA 12 for injection molding and extrusion applications.

Our high-quality 1A virgin compounds and industrial quality grades used in the following industries:

Automotive industry

Electrical industry

Household and industrial equipment

Based on your requirements the ideal composition of the plastic granule will be develop by our technical department.

Customized coloring, improved electrical conductivity, glass fiber reinforcement, and improved flame retardancy with UL listed products are just a small overview of our capabilities.

Our know-how makes you successful.

For further information and personal advice, please contact us.


Additionally we focus on the professional trading of various plastics regrinds, post-industrial waste and stocklots for many different applications.

Our strength lies in our good contacts and references within the branch.

We dispose of longtime international customers as well as suppliers, and we therefore can offer the basis for a long-term cooperation to both.

We also have selected logistics partners and the possibility of sorting mixed plastics.

For further information and personal advice, please contact us.

Our know-how makes you successful.

For further information and personal advice, please contact us.


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