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NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

Wiesenstrasse 44
74889 Sinsheim-Reihen


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Business: Manufacturer, Trader of New Machinery, Trader of Used Machinery

Machinery Categories: Dust and fume extraction systems, Agglomerators, Processing plants, Degassing systems, Extruders and Extrusion plants, Extrusion down stream equipment, Conveying systems, Pelletizers, Metalseparators, Peripherals, Recycling plants, others, Sorting plants, Separation equipment, Drying equipment, Washing systems, Size reduction equpiment, Parts and accessories

Products in Detail:

Granulators, Hammer-Mills, Hammermills, Fine-Grinder, Pulverizers, Pulverisers, Profile-Granulator, Pipe-Granulator, Pipe-Shredder, Bale Breaker, Debaler, mechanical Dryers, Thermal Dryers, Intensive Washers, Washers, Washingplants, Hotwashingplants, Separation tanks, swim-sink-tanks, Shredder, Conveyor belts, sifter, cascade sifters, suction systems, Guillotine, Friction washer, Friction Cleaner, Maintenance of machines, spare patrs, machine blades, machine screens, screening machines, cascade sifters, ...

Pictures of the company and its products (click on the thumbnail to open full size)

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 1: Washing-Line (Granulator/Friction Washer/mechanical Dryer)

Pic 2: Granulator (SMV series)

Pic 3: Pulverizer (ZM series)

Pic 4: Granulator with roller feeder (SX series)

Pic 5: Washing-plant (recycling from conterminated plastics)

Company Profile:

We at Neue Herbold offer a complete program for the size reduction (granulators, pipe-granulators, profile-granulators, screw-shredders, bale-breaker, hammer mills, shredders, polystyrene-shredders, grinders, pulverizers (pulverisers), complete washing-lines) and preparation of plastic waste from production and plastic waste collection points.

For special application projects we can provide indivdual taylor made machines and systems designed specifically for the customers needs. Included in this vast equipment spectrum are machines (hammer mills, bale breaker, guillotines) to recycle computer hardware and software, insulation material etc.

The company was founded in 1995 and is located in the southwestern area of Germany in the town of Sinsheim, Germany. The company has a present employee standing of 65 people which combine the design, engineering, production, administration, sales department, and management to form a experienced, innovated and closely knit team. The technical sales department works hand in hand with more then 40 company representatives world wide. A focused and cost effective planning in conjunction with the latest technological engineering and exceptional quality control insure the highest standards which are mandatory for recycling and size reduction.

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