Supplier of Plastics Products and Semi-Finished Products

Ortmanns GmbH

Venloer Strasse 14
41569 Rommerskirchen


Phone:    +49 2183 80570
Fax:    +49 2183 8057150

Business: Hersteller

Products for: Anlagenbau, Automobil, Fahrzeugbau, Freizeit/Hobby, Kommunikation, Landwirtschaft, Logistik, Medizin, Möbel, Nahrungsmittel, Verpackung

Produkt Groups: Folien, Formteile, Pressteile, Schaumstofferzeugnisse, Spritzgussteile, Stanzteile, Tiefziehteile, Verpackungen

Products in Detail:

Blister, foldings packs, trays, caps, insulating protection, consoles, masking plugs, water shields,

Company Profile:

We are a multi-layered industrial company, which is located in the heart of the Rhineland and operates worldwide. We have been active in the field of plastic processing for over 60 years. We are familiar with the characteristics of our materials and process all common grades of plastics. We have specialized in packaging of all kinds and manufacturing products for the automotive industry in recent years. But also the manufacture of folders, registers, binders and clipboards are part of our portfolio. Take advantage of this experience. We would be pleased to advise you in detail about which material is suitable for your particular product and will explain the possibilities of processing.


ISO TS 16949:2002

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