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7/2014 AMI: New study about global market for PP compounds

An authoritative report from industry consultants, AMI Consulting, published in June 2014, quantifies and analyses the global market the polypropylene compounds. The study segments the market into NAFTA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Middle East/Africa, by product family and by application. Within the automotive segment which is the largest market for PP Compounds, applications are split into interiors, exteriors and underhood.

11/2011 AMI: Uncertain outlook for european plastics industry

According to AMI´s recently published European Plastics Industry Report 2011, 2010 saw a recovery in demand for most thermoplastics, after two of the worst years the industry has seen since the oil shocks of the 1970s. After a drop in demand of over 15% over the period of the recession, volume demand showed a modest 4% recovery in 2010 bringing total demand to just over 37 million tonnes.

10/2011 AMI: New report on wood plastic compounds

Growth in the European wood plastic composites (WPC) market has been averaging 25% a year despite the recent tough economic conditions and a sharp decline in construction output. Demand in Europe is no longer driven by imports from the US and Asia, but by strong established European producers. The market is attractive and has space for new entrants.

11/2010 Netzsch-Gerätebau: Thermal Properties of Polymer Materials at a Glance

In the manufacturing and processing of thermoplastics, elastomers, rubbers and thermosetting materials, knowledge of their thermal properties is very important. Various thermal analysis methods are employed by manufacturers, processors and users in areas such as materials development, incoming goods inspection and quality assurance.

10/2010 ChemTec Publishing: Handbook of UV Degradation and Stabilization

This book, the first monograph fully devoted to UV degradation and stabilization ever published in English language, has 12 chapters, each discussing different aspect of UV related phenomena. In the introduction the existing literature has been reviewed to find out how plants, animals and humans protect themselves against UV radiation, and which lessons were already applied to the protection of man-made materials and final products, and which mechanisms work in living things but are not in the use of technical products.

4/2010 Ceresana Research: New Market Study Expandable Polystyrene

The newest study from Ceresana Research covers the plastic, expanded polystyrene (EPS). Due to its technical characteristics, such as its light weight, rigidity and excellent formability, this material can be found in a wide range of applications: insulation against heat, sound, and cold, as well as in the packaging industry, and in leisure and sporting goods.

4/2010 AMI: New report details trends in Asian market

A recent report from industry consultants, AMI Consulting points to Asia as the fastest growing and most dynamic market for thermoplastic masterbatch products in the world. Despite the impact of the global recession demand for masterbatch products has continued to power ahead in the region and is forecast to continue growing by over 7%/year.

3/2010 AMI: New reports review thermoplastic compounding and concentrates demand in North America

Two new reports from leading industry consultants AMI, highlight the recent development of the thermoplastics compounding industry in North America. AMI’s guide to the thermoplastics compounding industry in NAFTA is a comprehensive listing over 500 companies involved in the 13 billion pound NAFTA compounding industry.

10/2009 PETnology: The second PET Yearbook „connecting comPETence 2009“ published

Just like the first Yearbook, which had found wide acceptance in the market at the end of 2008, the second edition from PETnology/tecPET GmbH ( contains a lot of interesting information on PET. It presents the most topical developments and gives moods and views gathered during numerous interviews.

5/2009 New Book: TPE PRIMER - Fundamentals • Injection Moulding

Thermoplastic elastomers as a class of materials have been growing at high rates over the period of past several years. Because of their unique property profi le they have not only replaced conventional rubber in many areas but also found a host of totally new applications. There are several books in English on the subject of TPEs, but very few address the basics that would be useful to readers without previous study of the subject or those with limited background of polymer chemistry.

4/2009 Crucial New Book Explores use of PVC in Medical Products

iSmithers Rapra Publishing has announced the release of Update on Medical Plasticised PVC. Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) is the most versatile of all the commodity polymers. It can satisfy a wide range of product function, safety, performance, and cost criteria. It is therefore ideal for use in medical applications.

4/2009 More than 100 bioplastics in updated market report

The German Institute for Recycling publishes a largely extended new release of a technical market report that now comprises more than 100 globally available biopolymers. The brand-new market report, available from mid April 2009, provides precise information on technical parameters and processing characteristics of globally available biodegradable plastics and plastics made from renewable resources.

8/2008 New Book: High Performance Polymers

This new book "High Performance Polymers" presents the state-of-the-art polymerization, fabrication and application methods of high performance industrial polymers as well as providing fundamental information for practical engineers working in industries that develop advanced applications - industries such as electronics, medical instruments, etc.

7/2008 ISO 15270 will help expand plastics recovery and recycling worldwide

A new ISO International Standard ( will assist the emerging worldwide market for plastic recovery and recycling. Because plastic products are traded internationally and many of the plastic resin manufacturing companies and industrial users are multinational companies, the arrival of ISO 15270:2008, Plastics – Guidelines for the recovery and recycling of plastics waste, is particularly opportune.

5/2008 New Book: ‘Energy Management in Plastics Processing’

Practical energy-saving advice for all plastics processors Plastics Information Direct, the technical publishing division of Applied Market Information Ltd. (, has published a brand new book which could help all plastics processors to manage and reduce their energy consumption.

5/2008 Ceresana Research: New Study - Strong Growth in the Polypropylene Market

The body of the new Smart “Fortwo“ is, for the first time, being manufactured entirely from Polypropylene (PP), and similarly, the bumpers and dashboard of the new Fiat 500. This most versatile of plastics is constantly being used in an increasing amount of applications. Whether used in ice-trays, drinking straws, washing machines, furniture, sporting goods, luggage, diapers, or syringes; polypropylene is everywhere.

3/2008 AMI: New multi-client research report ‘The Global Artificial Grass Market 2007’

Artificial grass demand surges ahead in 2007 Around the world demand for artificial turf is growing at 20% p.a. according to a recently published study by leading industry consultants, Applied Market Information Ltd (AMI, The report’s author John Nash says that ‘Soccer and residential landscaping applications were the hot spots in 2007, but strong demand was enjoyed in most regions of the world and in most applications for artificial grass’ (Picture).

3/2008 Recycling Today: New 2008 Directory of Plastics Recyclers

The Recycling Today Media Group ( has announced the release of the 2008 Directory of Plastics Recyclers (Price: $59.00). This directory contains listings for more than 3,000 plastics recyclers involved in various aspects of the plastic recycling industries in the U.S. and Canada.

3/2008 Technical Book: 1000 Tips for Injection Moulding

The book describes besides the theoretical statements, questions and problems from the practical experience and is non-brand specific and independent of the machine manufacturer. On one hand, it supports the reference work for professionals and at the same time for the beginners. It avoids the errors during the planning of the injection moulding process at the outset, and prevents extra costs or compromises with the manufacturing.

2/2008 New KWD-Directory: Plastic films and products in Germany 2008

730 completely updated company profiles The KWD-Directory “Plastic films and products in Germany 2008” contains more than 730 completely updated company profiles. It is very helpful for all buyers, salesmen, producers and distributors in the range of plastic films and products. The CD with the new developed software allows to choose between German or English language.

1/2008 AMI: New Study of the Polyurethane Industry and Markets in China

Plastics Information Direct, the technical publishing division of Applied Market Information Ltd. (, has just published a unique techno-economic study entitled Polyurethane in China Market Report. Commissioned and published in their Expert Witness Series, this entirely new report has been written by local staff of PU World, the leading Chinese provider of electronic information on the polyurethane industry.


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