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Multifunctional dosing system for combining natural fibres with polymers

2018-10-23: Rüdiger Kissinger, motan-colortronic GmbH

The University of Rosenheim has built a system – a pilot plant unique across the whole of Germany – for developing climate and resource-friendly procedures and materials for automotive applications, timber construction and furniture manufacture as well as a wide range of other applications. The aim...

SIGMA Engineering: Finding the Optimal Runner System via Virtual DoE

2018-07-13: Vanessa Frekers, SIGMA Engineering GmbH

Increasingly complex plastic parts, which need to meet economical as well as ecological standards, pose an enormous challenge for injection molders. Tools like the virtual DoE, featured by the SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding Technology, help rising to these challenges, e.g. by finding the optimal mold design...

New connections optimise the material flow at Gardena

2018-04-09: Rüdiger Kissinger, motan-colortronic GmbH

The steady growth of a company is a positive aspect. However, a certain degree of creativity is needed in the production areas in order to meet the growing require-ments. Several expansions require rebuilding and extensions which, in the case of a complete new building, would not have been realised.

Drying and Conveying Technology at WITTE Automotive

2018-02-22: ,

It is simply incredible what has developed from a workshop for the production of suitcase locks founded by Ewald WITTE in Velbert, Germany in 1899 into the company that it is today. WITTE Automotive is still a private, family-run business that achieved a turnover of more than EUR 670 million in 2017...

Lindner Washtech: CeDo opts for Lindner washing technology for the production of its high-grade regrind material

2018-01-11: Harald Hoffmann, LINDNER reSource GmbH

Blow-moulded films are highly demanding products, and consequently the use of recycled material in their production represents a major challenge. Impurities in the feed material necessarily lead to production faults that can range from specks and minor defects in the tubular film through to production...

From a 5-axis micro injection molding machine to a six-axis-controlled high-tech production cell

2017-07-07: Gabriele Hopf, Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

mikrotechnik HIRT (abbreviated MTH), based in Schramberg, Germany, is establishing itself increasingly as a specialist in small components, micro parts and hybrid parts. In close partnership with its customers, MTH develops highly complex products and components which it produces with advanced technology...

Precision in seven layers

2017-07-05: Rüdiger Kissinger, motan-colortronic gmbh

Worldwide, up to 2.5 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. Much of this is prepared from coffee powder capsule portions in coffee machines. Due to the necessary oxygen barrier to prevent ageing of the coffee due to oxidation, these capsule portions consist of either aluminium or a plastic composite...

SIGMA Engineering: Virtual Tool Alloy Selection

2017-06-29: Vanessa Schwittay, SIGMA Engineering GmbH

In order to utilize expensive tool alloys with higher thermal performance it is important to have a clear understanding of their cost-to-benefit ratio. For the mold of a packaging application, a "Sigmasoft" Virtual Molding analysis demonstrated that a higher conductivity material allowed for a cycle...

Energy-efficient technology improves productivity

2017-03-13: Rüdiger Kissinger, motan-colortronic gmbh

As part of expanding its production facilities, Bergmann Spritzguß und Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG, which is based in Telgte-Westbevern, decided on a radical approach and equipped its entire production facility with a brand new material supply system comprising a central drying system, dosing systems and...

Unnoticeably Good - Ehrlich Werkzeug- & Gerätebau GmbH relies on the Koch-Technik technology for drying and conveying plastic materials

2017-03-10: Ulrich Mangelsdorf, Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH

Ehrlich Werkzeug- & Gerätebau GmbH delivers almost 95% thermoplastic mouldings produced in Koenigstein to automotive industry suppliers. In addition to these products, strongly hygroscopic plastics with up to 60% ratio of glass fibres are especially used. For drying the material and its consequent transport...

First injection molding application using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in mass production

2017-02-09: Reinhard Bauer - Technokomm,

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVAL) is a plastic material little known so far. It offers the outstanding attribute of solubility in water with simultaneous high resistance to most contact chemicals. PVAL has been little known until recently, primarily because it could only be processed into film, but manufacturing...

An Energy-conscious Company

2016-12-06: Ulrich Mangelsdorf, Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH

Hehnke GmbH & Co KG consistently focuses on the manufacture of automotive parts. Nearly 80% of production goes to suppliers or directly to car manufacturers such as Daimler and BMW. With the trend to replace conventional materials with plastic, plastic processing has once again had the opportunity to...

Bespoke Compressed Air Dryers for Clean Room Production

2016-08-11: Rüdiger Kissinger, motan-colortronic gmbh

The Dortmund-based German company Boehringer Ingelheim microParts GmbH has set up a new clean room manufacturing area for the production of small and extremely small PEEK moulded parts as part of a recent product expansion project. Because of the parts' low throughputs, installing a central compressed...

Drying and central material supply of the special kind

2016-01-25: Rüdiger Kissinger, motan-colortronic gmbh

With the integration of external energy sources for the drying and the setting up of the central material supply motan-colortronic has realized unique solutions at the automotive supplier FKT.

Dryerless PET extrusion with viscosity control

2015-06-30: Monika Gneuss, Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH

In PET extrusion, the material’s intrinsic viscosity (IV) and its preservation is a key quality characteristic of the end product, e.g. when manufacturing sheet, strapping or fiber. The ability to not just monitor, but to also control the melt viscosity in real time and therefore produce end products...

From refrigerator to plant trays – a recycling concept for a challenging project

2014-09-08: Karsten Bräunig, Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH

CPE Entsorgung GmbH (, established in 1992 in the small North German town of Liebenau, can look back on plenty of experience in recycling old plastics. "Ever since 1996, we've been producing about 25,000 tons of recycled plastics a year as a second business pillar alongside our...

Reduction of pollutants through innovative plastics technology in cars

2014-04-08: Gabriele Hopf, Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

Lighter weight with equal or higher performance – this is the challenge facing the automotive industry, caused by the demand to reduce the emission levels and fuel consumption of motor vehicles. This is why innovative, extremely hard-wearing plastic parts of superior quality are becoming more and more...

Major Savings Potential in PET Recycling with MRS Extrusion Technology

2014-04-01: Andrea Koßmann, Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH

The demand for environmentally friendly and economically sound production lines for the plastic industry is increasing worldwide. The extrusion line concept with Multi Rotation System (MRS) and Rotary Filtration Systems from Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen, was designed to fullfil these...

ProTec Polymer Processing realizes material conveyor for TPO production at Benecke Changshun Auto Trim

2014-03-06: Grit Feistkorn, ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH

At the end of October 2013, Benecke Changshun Auto Trim, a joint venture between Benecke-Kaliko in Hanover and Chinese specialist dealer for automotive plastics Jiangsu Changshun Group, based in Zhangjiagang in eastern China officially put a new production line for interior films made of thermoplastic...

SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding Reduces Molding Cycle by 20% through Right Mold Material Selection

2014-01-22: Dr.-Ing. Laura Florez, SIGMA Engineering GmbH

As the temperature distribution in the mold after several production cycles is drastically influenced by the conductivity of the base material, the right alloy can eliminate mold hotspots and shorten cycle time. A case study of an automotive thermoplastic part illustrates how SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding...

SIGMASOFT Delivers First-Shot Success in Powder Injection Micro-Molding Application

2013-12-19: Dr.-Ing. Laura Florez, SIGMA Engineering GmbH

A micro wheel developed for a turbine guide shows how simulation with SIGMASOFT in PIM applications can significantly reduce the manufacturing costs and reliably predict in-molded defects early and at low cost in the design stage.

Lindner reSource: Recycling agricultural film at a top quality level

2013-06-19: Harald Hoffmann, LINDNER reSource GmbH

One of the most modern and powerful recycling plants for used agricultural film operates near the town of Champlon in Belgium. At this site, collected post-consumer film – often heavily soiled with foreign materials – is converted back into high-grade PE repellets (a much sought-after raw material for...

Small sensor - great technology

2013-01-09: Gabriele Hopf, Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

Multi-functional housing components for sensors in automobiles are the automotive segment in which the Austrian family-owned company Promotech, based in Schalchen near Mattighofen, specializes. One example is a combined rain, light and moisture sensor for motor cars (Fig. 1). The top part of its housing...

Premium ambience for car interior - injection moulding meets craftsmanship

2012-10-30: Gabriele Hopf, Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

In the pioneering days of automobile engineering, all vehicles had bodies with wooden frames and wooden dashboards, and they were premium products crafted individually and by hand. Today, the motorcar is a mass product made in different quality categories. But the premium-class models are distinguished...

New glass fibre reinforced polyether TPUs

2012-09-07: J. Hättig, J. Winkler, P. Kläne*, geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH / Bayer MaterialScience AG

High stiffness, very good impact resistance and flexibility even at low temperatures - these are the strengths of new glass fibre reinforced polyetherdiol based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs). Bayer MaterialScience AG and geba Kunststoffcompounds GmbH developed the new TPU materials and they complement...

Johannes Kepler University, Linz/Austria: IPMT Uses Three Instron Electrodynamic Testing Systems to Analyse Failure Properties of Polymers

2012-05-29: Erik Schmidt-Staubach, Instron Deutschland GmbH

Undergraduate and post-graduate students at the Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing (ipmt) at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz in Austria can rely on three Instron electrodynamic testing systems to help them analyse the failure behaviour of polymers. Two general-purpose ElectroPuls...

Moulded carrier and hollow elastomer seal in a one shot process

2011-10-10: Matteo Piazzi, Röchling Automotive AG & Co. KG

Röchling Automotive produces cowl grille and engine cover bulb seals in a one shot process. These parts are ready out of the tool for shipment to the customer. The two-component process saves about 30% weight and 10% costs as well as solving many quality problems typical for assembled parts. A world first.

Intake manifolds with integrated charge air coolers increase engine responsiveness

2010-07-23: Marco Barbolini, Röchling Automotive AG & Co. KG

Intake manifolds with integrated charge air coolers increase engine responsiveness, because air volume is reduced by over 40 percent. Further the integration cuts over 20 percent parts, weight and costs. Failure probability is shrinking also. Tightness, even air distribution, temperature and bursting...

Fuel cell cars also cook only with water

2010-06-15: Matteo Piazzi, Röchling Automotive AG & Co. KG

Röchling Automotive supplies from its South Tirol plant fuel cell cars all over the world with expansion containers. Here the separation of gases and fluids as well as the management of bursting pressure require new measurements. Other specification criteria are met with state of the art container construction....

Light Weight Construction on Solid Soil

2009-06-26: Dr. Klaus Pfaffelhuber, Röchling Automotive AG & Co. KG

With 5 kg for the complete underbody of a luxury saloon Röchling Automotive sets the current benchmark. The structural material “Seeberlite” is applied based on a new process, called “Softlofting”.

From really large to really small

2009-05-08: Jörg Töpfer, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Graf Plastics GmbH produces large volume Carat brand underground tanks for rainwater collection (photo 2) at its Teningen location (photo 1). Surplus production material arises during production of the up to 6,500 litres large containers and this is shredded in a single step into ground material with...

The Gneuss Online Viscometer

2009-01-26: Dr. Axel Hannemann, Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Food-grade bottle-to-bottle recycling process successfully undergoing tests in practical operation

2008-01-21: Dr. Thomas Friedlaender, KRONES AG

Two-stage granulation with the CentriCut granulator

2007-05-09: Dipl.-Ing. Gunter Schippers, NUGA AG Kunststoffschneidmühlen, Balgach/Schwitzerland

Morein Plastics GmbH (, a plastics recycler founded around 20 years ago, has recently moved its production from Denekamp in The Netherlands to Nordhorn in the German state of Lower Saxony. The move was necessary because the old production location had become to small due to strong expansion....

European legislation on the way - New opportunities for recycling

2005-11-15: Hetty Jongbloed, Jan Jetten and Rinus Rijk, TNO, Business Center Chemistry

The use of recycled plastics for food contact applications has been restricted in Europe by the lack of relevant legislation. However, this will change in the near future. Imminent legislation will officially open up the market to the use of recycled plastics for food contact.

Roadshow Takes Compounding Technology into the Field

2005-08-18: Daniel Nagl, Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer GmbH & Co. KG

A fully operable, mobile compounding line facilitates practical demonstrations of typical process functions. The "Roadshow" atmosphere appeals to audiences and generates much interest, whether at training events or during trials at the customer's site.

Recostar iV+: PET-Recycling for reuse with food-contact

2005-06-10: Ing. Elfriede Hell, MBA, Starlinger & Co. Ges.m.b.H.

In anticipation of the ever-increasing use of PET, the Austrian company Starlinger & Co. Ges.m.b.H. has developed the new concept Recostar PET iV+. PET waste, both washed post-consumer bottle flakes and pre-form or bottle flakes from in-house or post-industrial sources, is transformed into amorphous...

Texplast - new granulating technology makes PET recycling more efficient

2004-10-08: Dipl.-Ing. Gunter Schippers, NUGA AG Kunststoffschneidmühlen, Balgach/Schweiz

Texplast GmbH (Wolfen, Germany), one of Europe's leading PET recycling firms, processes used PET one-way and multi-trip bottles, preforms and the waste material from bottle manufacturing operations. The ground material, in regranulated or agglomerated form, is re-used to make, e.g. PET sheets, preforms...

Size Reduction of Technical Plastics– Two-Stage Operations more Efficient than Single-Stage

2004-06-23: Hans-Peter Fischer, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

At HKR Kunststoffe GmbH in Langenbeutingen, technical plastics such as ABS, PBT, PC, POM, but primarily PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 12, PPA, LCP, etc. - particularly glass fibre reinforced types - are processed into high-grade regranulate. These materials accumulate as production waste in the plastics processing...

The HERBOLD Plastcompactor - State of the art and outlook

2004-05-13: Karlheinz Herbold, Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

The HERBOLD Plastcompactor is a system, which has been developed originally, to convert scrap with poor flow characteristics (film, fibres, foam, powder) to agglomerated particles with high bulk density. Beside of this job, more application fields are now available and described in this article.

The CreaSolv®-Process -
Technical break-through in Plastic Recycling from Electro Waste

2004-04-26: Dr. Andreas Mäurer, Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV

Every year approximately 2 million tes of electronic waste are collected in Germany. This quantity corresponds to a fully loaded train with a length of 2,000 km. One fifth of this waste is made up of plastics. These plastics cannot be re-used, because they appear as "mixed waste", contaminated with...

Sorting PET Flakes

2004-03-31: Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Eckhard Zeiger, Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG

As the result of a substantial increase in the market share of PET bottles and the change in the waste streams for one-way packaging caused by the introduction of a compulsory deposit system in Germany, the quantity and composition of mixed and pre-sorted PET for recycling will change considerably....

Processing waste with a high thermal value to substitute combustibles

2003-12-01: Harald Hoffmann, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

With the taking effect of the TASi (Technical Regulations on Estate Waste) in 2005, non-treated waste must no longer be disposed of and deposited. Commercial and industrial residues with a high thermal value such as rejects from paper industry, punchings from rubber and plastics, and other mono-fractions...

Size-reduction of thermoplastics reinforced by long and continuous filaments

2003-09-29: Hans-Peter Fischer, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Material utilisation of thermoplastics reinforced by long and continuous filaments to produce high-value, long-filament reinforced extrusion components requires a gentle size-reduction of the materials to be utilised into lumps of grinding stock in order to achieve a large as possible filament length....

Economical: Two-Stage Grinding of Valuable Plastic Waste

2003-08-19: Hans-Peter Fischer, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Until now large cutting mills with high drive performances have been used for the single-stage crushing of large and heavy pipes, bulk plastic products etc. This leads to high investment volume, high sound emissions, frequent blade changes, high energy and personnel costs, among other things. On the...

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