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Export Manager Plastic Recycli,g

(Einsatzregion: Europe Far East Middle East)

Dear All,
I am already 30 years in the Recycling Bussiness and I am looking a job as exportmanager for a Big Middle East or Far East Group to purchase all their materials for export to the Far East and Middle East.
I can provide an office and also rent a Warehouse for their trade.
I am looking for the mandat and the co-operation with a Big Group.
We can handel all documents and all transactions from Europe .
We can inspect the goods ,make the legal contracts and attend the loadings and do the administration.
We can open new office and we are only working with our group on payroll.
We can travel for you whole Europe to have meeting with the plastic suppliers.
Waiting for your intrest and reply.
In the past I was working for Chinese company and we did around 5000 Ton on monthly Basis.
We will not work on comission basis but fix salary excluded Warehouse costs office costs and travelling costs.
Waiting for your intrest and proposals.
We can combine groups together and different plastics materials.

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