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GMB#45037 (2011) Omso Servocup Flexo 7 color Screen printing machine in SPAIN
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Hersteller/Typ:Servocup Flexo 7
Technische Daten:
Baujahr: 2011
Betriebsstd.: 3.000 h
Logistische Daten:
Standort: Spanien

GMB#45037 (2011) Omso Servocup Flexo 7 color Screen printing machine in SPAIN

Brand: Omso

Model: Servocup Flexo 7

Year: 10-2011

Production hours: less than 3000 hours

Max product height 180 mm

Type of material Plastic

Max product diameter 160 mm

Drying UV

Max speed 24000 u/h

Feeding Automatic

Machine completely dismantled, cleaned and overhauled (replacement of worn out parts).

In a highly precise and robust rotary version with 20 mandrels, the machine presents absolutely innovative technical solutions, ensuring a production speed of up to 400 pieces / min and a very sophisticated printing quality, thanks to the " print-dry "thus guaranteeing a real photographic quality.

The impression "print dry" allows full freedom in the choice and position of colors, excluding all forms of contamination, by fully exploiting the four-color process, without the known limits of traditional offset printing.

This technology allows us to print with 7 colors only decorations that we can not print in offset.

The advantage of this application is to maintain on the machine the 4 colors of the four-color process, which is very beneficial for the time of change of scenery.

The Flexo system allows better ink management, with a higher coverage than offset, even on transparent materials, by printing a solid white.

We also have the opportunity to work on special colors such as silver and gold, and to realize a lacquering application on containers with infinite graphic possibilities.

The reproducibility of the flexo system also ensures consistent results, without requiring "expert printers" as in the traditional offset.

This system makes it possible to define a plan of experience and to master at best the times of change.

The machine, equipped with a complete digital servo, allows a fast and precise format change, thanks to the centering of the photos and the cleaning of the colors, which can be done in "offline".

The machine allows the recording of data, which increases the productivity even for small series.

Location: Spain
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