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GMB#45069 (2003) Van Dam CM 608 M 8 Color Cup Printer 600 cups per minute in USA
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Hersteller/Typ:CM 608 M
Preis:175.600,00 €
Technische Daten:
Baujahr: 2003
Logistische Daten:
Standort: USA
GMB#45069 (2003) Van Dam CM 608 M 8 Color Cup Printer 600 cups per minute in USA

Brand: Van Dam

Model: CM 608 M

Year: 2003

600 cups per minute

Min./Max. Product height: 50 mm – 200 mm

Min./Max Rim Diameter: 50 mm – 230 mm

Max. Printing height: 150 mm

Max. Printing length: 610 mm

UV Cure on mandrel

Auto infeed and collection systems included

Much tooling; such as Hubbs, shafts, mandrels, feed screws and take-off screws are available at considerable discount.

Many spare parts may also be purchased at considerable discount. A list will be provided upon request.

A print positioning device feature is also included. This is a servo drive on the mandrel disk which is used to center up the print between ear blocks on a pail with handles. This was added at a later date.

This machine also comes with a flamer and a corona pretreatment unit. Having both instead of just one.

Video of this line running can be seen on request.

Location: USA

Price exworks as is / where is

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