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OMSO DM165 BOX Cup Printer
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Hersteller/Typ:DM165 BOX Cup Printer
Technische Daten:
Baujahr: 1993
Rectangular Cup printer

* Speed 4000 – 7800 products per hour depending op the shape
* Product dimensions 150 x 140 x 480 L x W x print/length
* Taper of products 3 – 7 °

* Main machine 6 colours
* Pre-treatment Softal
* OMSO 2 colour BASE printer SF 2
* UV drying tunnel
* OMSO feeder
* OMSO stacker R/Box

The DM 165/BOX is suitable for printing oval, square, rectangular and other non round containers in up to six colours. The machine is a direct development of the PRIMAC 155 and includes many innovative developments that in practical terms have reduced size change over times by fifty percent. This has largely been the result of a rationalised product handling system that has helped to reduce cost and simplify machine operation.

Main Technical Features
* Max. production speed 9.000 pieces/h (4.000 pieces with one printing sector)(according to the shape, size and consistency of the container)
* Max. dimensions of the container at the edge 180 × 140 mm
* Max. height of the container 150 mm
* Max. taper of the container 7°
* Max. printing length 480 mm (with one sector) 415 mm (with two sectors) 556 mm (with magnetic rollers)
* Max. printing height 150 mm
* Min. corner radius 10 mm
* AC motor with frequency variator 7,5 kW – 1400 rpm
* Weight kg 550 approx.

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