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Recycling line Gamma Meccanica + Tecnofer
Angebot vom:28.09.2021
Rubrik:Extruder und Extrusionsanlagen
Hersteller/Typ:GM 125-43D
Preis:400.000,00 €
Technische Daten:
Baujahr: 2010
Betriebsstd.: 35.840 h
Complete recycling line for sale, including a TECNOFER wash system and a Gamma Meccanica GM 125-43D extruder. The line is complete, fully operational and until it is replaced with a larger one, it is possible to see it during operation.

Capacity on LDPE 550-600kgs / h
Big bag capacity - +/- 400 kg / h
The line also offers a Depur Padana process water treatment plant
Additionally, for bigbag recycling, we can also offer two cutting units dedicated to PP raffia
Price to be determined, machines to be viewed on site, please contact us!

AGD Pasterski Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Nadmeńska 4
05-230 Kobyłka

Kontakt:  Iza Zujkiewicz


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