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Vacuum coating machine - Leybold Alumet 1900H
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Hersteller/Typ:Leybold Alumet 1900H
Preis:88.000,00 €
Technische Daten:
Baujahr: 2000
we offer a vacuum coating machine in good condition under very favorable conditions. Sale or lease.

with additional technology of application of protective organosilicon layers in plasma. These layers serve as anti-corrosion protection of the plating itself.
The vacuum machine is built and the technology is fine-tuned for plating - steaming especially more complex plastic parts - such as car headlights.

Leybold Alumet 1900H
Charge - 11 planets with dimensions ø360mm x length 1530 mm
Fully automatic cycle 15 - 40 min
Steaming from tungsten wire
Steaming of aluminum, including activation of the surface of the molding by plasma to achieve better adhesion
Protection of aluminum with organosilicon polymer
Microwave plasma generator

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