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BAUSANO equipment for WOODSTOCK plastic film manufacture

Plastic film approximate production: From 1.500 up to 2.000 kg/hour.

Complete coextrusion equipment is offered except chill roll and rest of the line.

Useful to manufacture WOODSTOCK profiles of small and big format.

Equipment composition

1st - BAUSANO main extruder series MULTIDRIVE, model MD2-154-26-H, series 92-BGP-5031, year 1.985., corotating twin screws, diameters 154 mm.

Power: 4 three-phase asynchronous motors 37 kw. each one. Total power 160 kw.

Degassing equipment by BUCH vacuum pump direct to filtering system, composed of two stainless steel tanks with three bag filters each unit and self-cleaning by pressure air jet.

DINISCO pressure control at the lamination chamber outlet.

Feeding equipment composed of:

Modular lifting conveyor for plastic buckets for sawdust, through galvanized steel platens drag chain, for delivery to accumulation sawdust hopper of main extruder, with rotation detector and load control.

Hopper for sawdust accumulation from buckets feeding system, with electrical remover and automatic dosing system direct to forced feeding hopper.

Accumulation hopper of PP and/or recovered material from trimming, with volumetric dosing and free fall through vibrating channel to forced feeding hopper.

Hydraulic forced feeding hopper direct to main extruder with mixing and homogenization system of sawdust with PP or recovered material.

Modular dust collection equipment at the forced feeding inlet and filtering by 10 self-cleaning bag filters by sequential air pressure jet.

2nd BAUSANO secondary co-extruder series MULTIDRIVE, model MD2-115B26-A, series 92-BGP-5031, year 1.985, corotating twin screws, diameters 125 mm.

Power: 4 three-phase asynchronous motors 18.5 kw. each one. Total power 74 kw.

Feeding equipment composed of:

Accumulation hopper of PP and/or recovered material from trimming, with volumetric dosing and butterfly system automatic closing and free fall to continuous dosing system with direct delivery to extruder through vibrating cannel.

Volumetric dosing unit for masters with direct delivery to extruder.

DINISCO pressure control at the lamination chamber outlet.

*Other common equipments:

1 - FARCON Flat Die, useful width 1.900 mm., possible thicknesses from 0.5 up to 8 mm. Thicknesses manual adjustment and rack type lateral.

2 - Flat Die same brand and features as the previous one.

Automatic temperatures control equipment for forced feeding and for the motors of both extruders, operated by stainless steel plate exchanger with the corresponding bypass valves.

Electric cabinets for temperature general control and manoeuvre of both extruders, power groups/motors and the rest of equipments.

Metal structure making a complete base for the proper placement of the extruders and all type of installations, and specially for the electrical wiring.

*Dimensions and weight:

Main extruder:
Length 8.000 mm - Width 1.800 mm. - Height 2.350 mm. - Weight 16 ton.

Secondary extruder:
Length 5.900 mm - Width 1.350 mm. - Height 2.000 mm. - Weight 5 ton.

The equipment can be inspected, duly disassembled and stored in Barcelona, being the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical connections duly marked for their easy further assembly.

All technical, maintenance and electrical diagram documents will be provided.

Previous agreement we can provide various formulas for the manufacture of different types of “Woodstock” plastic film.

With the corresponding fees to be agreed we can provide the loading, transport, assembling and production start.


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