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twin screws co-rotating extruder
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Rubrik:Extruder und Extrusionsanlagen
Hersteller/Typ:MC 70 – 320
Ref. 43P18
ICMA SAN GIORGIO Mod. MC 70 – 320 twin screws co-rotating extruder
with K.TRON SODER dosing and loading system.

It performs a perfect mixing without previous compaction.
The interchangeable segments configuration of the screws of this extruder is perfect for mineral or organic loads mixings.
Year 1.997 – Excellent conditions.

-Twin screws co-rotating, diameters 70 mm. L32D.
-Screw rotation speed: 125 r.p.m.
-Zones of temperature control: 9.
-Forced degassing with vacuum pump.
-Upper feeding.
-Lateral feeding inlet for loads.
-Complete with pressure control in head neck.
-Motor power 47 kw.

Production capacity, calculated in kgs/hour:
-Rigid PVC: 300
-Laminated PVC, Rubber: 400
-PC+PA6+PB+ fiberglass, etc.: 300
-Polymer alloys-300
-PP, ABS, Fiberglass, etc.: 400

Dimensions and Weight:
-Length: 4.100 mm.
-Width: 870 mm.
-Height: 1.620 mm.
-Weight: 7.000 kg.

K.TRON SODER dosing and loading system
System composition:
4 dosing columns composed of:
-2 Belt type units.
-1 Screw type unit for mineral or organic loads.
-1 Unit for Masterbach dosing.
-General Control and Operation electrical panel. Including thermal regulation with 22 control zones.


Ref. 70P15
Coextrusion “three layer” flat die, with ABA mixing box and BLEND BOX inlet system.

Prepared to be feed by two extruders, one with diam. 140 mm. which was feeding the central part of the sheet with a production of 1.000 kg/h. and another one of diam. 70 mm. which distributes the polymer in two identical lays with a production of 250 kg/h.
Total production: 1.250 kg/h.

- Capacity to work with extruders with bigger diam.
- Useful width: 2.200 mm.
- Possibility of thicknesses from 0’5 up to 8 mm.
- Currently prepared for thicknesses from 0,5 to 4 mm.
- Capacity of 22 areas of temperature control.
- Manual regulation by means of bars.


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