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Angebot vom 14.09.2020
Produkt: High speed Turbo-mixer
Rubrik: Mischsysteme
Hersteller/Typ: PERIPLAST


Beschreibung: Ref. 19P19
Ref.-E-8.- PERIPLAST – High speed Turbo-mixer, combined with refrigerator, for the production of rigid or plastified PVC dry mixtures.
Made entirely of stainless steel in all the parts in contact with the material and the covers for the circulation of the cooling water.

Equipment Composition:

-Mixer Mod. H500. Volume 500 L. Power 110 kw. Production 1.300 kg/h. 6 loads hour of 230 kg/each. Discharge by pneumatic valve. Exact temperature Control by thermocouples.

-Cooler Mod. C1600.-Volume 1.600 L. Double wall and cooling ring. Power 25 kw. Discharge by pneumatic valve. Cover opening by pneumatic rotation.

-Both units are mounted on metal structure forming a monobloc, dimensions: Depth 3.900 mm. Width 2.650 mm. Height 3.300 mm.

-Electric control panel and fully automatic manoeuvre by means of Programmable PLC.

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