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Produkt: Virginio Nastri 2000
Rubrik: Fördertechnik
Hersteller/Typ: Virginio Nastri

Baujahr: 2015


Beschreibung: Never used conveyor belt with works space protector ( for robot and belt )
Technical data :

Lenght 2000 mm
Useful width of the belt: 370 mm
Width of the belt: ~436 mm
Outer width of the frame: ~ 554 mm
Height setting: 860 +/- 400 mm
Height of the longitudinal wall: 75 mm
Angle setting: 0-25 degrees
Velocity : 4 m/min
Power supply 400 VAC

Work space protector for the robot and for the belt:
Width 370 mm
A – 370 mm
B – 420 mm
Standard equipment:
Cover mounted on three sides of the belt aluminum profile 25 x 25 mm Fill in transparent
" Lexan" polycarbonate.

The conveyor structure is a compact steel frame, mounted on four telescopic legs, with a
100 mm diameter revolving travel rollers and a locking system. The belt is equipped with
lateral parallel-running drive bars to ensure that the belt is centered. Height can be adjusted
from 460mm to 1260 mm

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