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GMB#1411 (2018) SencorpWhite Series 2500 Ultra 2 Roll-Fed / Thin Gauge Thermoformer in USA
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Hersteller/Typ:Series 2500 Ultra 2
Preis:609.000,00 €
Technische Daten:
Baujahr: 2018
Logistische Daten:
Standort: USA
GMB#1411 (2018) SencorpWhite Series 2500 Ultra 2 Roll-Fed / Thin Gauge Thermoformer in USA

Brand SencorpWhite

Model Series 2500 Ultra 2

Year 2018

Form Station Max Mold Capacity 34" x 48"

Form Station Tonnage 35 Ton (Top and Bottom)

Form Station Drive(s) Servos (Top and Bottom)

Form Station Plug Assist 3rd-Axis Lower Servo Plug Assist

Form Station Top & Bottom Daylight Adjust Servo Actuated

Form Station Top & Bottom Platen Stroke 7.0" (Standard with Safety Stops)

Oven Length 148"

Oven Type Radiant Oven

Oven Number of Top Zones 26

Oven Number of Bottom Zones 26

Oven Safety Features (7) IR Scanners with Closed Loop System and Auto Sheet Sag - Detection

Trim Press Tonnage 130 Ton (Special Kiss Cut Servo Press with Tension Bars)

Trim Press Top Trim Heat Provision

Trim Press X-Press Drive Motorized to Ride on Linear Slide Bearings

Trim Press Y-Press Drive Motorized Y Adjustor

Trim Press Adjustment Top Height Adjustment

Trim Press Indicator Gauge Tonnage Indicator Gauge

Trim Press Top Trim Feature Heated Trim Platen with 4 Segens

Trim Press Bottom Trim Feature Lower Trim Press "Y" Two-Point Electronic

Chain Rails Indexing Servo Driven

Chain Rails Indexing Preheat Edge Preheat Sheet Guide 48"

Chain Rails Indexing Rail Adjustments (4) Point Motorized Rails Adjusters

Chain Rails Indexing Sensors Temperature Sensors on Both Rails

Chain Rails Indexing Sheetline Distance to The Floor 61"

Chain Rails Indexing Electrical Requirements 480v - 3ph - 60hz

Chain Rails Indexing Equipped With Auto Chain Tensions, Auto Bow Rail Adjust with Readout on HMI Screen

Unwind Diameter 40" Diameter Roll with Roll Left Assembly (2000 Max Lbs)

Unwind Equipped With Low Roll Detector, Continuous Feed System, Scrap Rewind System

Part Off-Load System Stacker Servo Upstack with Push Off and Down Stack

Part Off-Load System Equipped With Purge Button on Stacker Conveyor (10' Conveyor)

Quick Tool Change System Controller Siemens Controller System, S7-1500

Quick Tool Change System Equipped With Form Tool Directional Valve, Vacuum Bleed Valve, Manual Quick Change Tool Rails, Tool Hoist (2,000 Lbs)

Input Section Weight Approx. 47,000 Lbs

Output Section Weight Approx. 19,000 Lbs

Unwind Stand Weight Approx. 1,200 Lbs

Upper Trim Section Weight Approx. 15,000 Lbs

Location: USA

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