Subcontractors for Processing and Recycling of Plastics

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Agglomerating (4)

Coating/Painting (2)

Colouring (15)

Compounding (21)

Drying (15)

Dust exstraction (26)

Extruding (10)

Filling (14)

Film cutting (2)

Fine grinding (9)

Grading (2)

Granulation (37)

Granulation, mobile (2)

Injection moulding (19)

Mechanical processing (9)

Metall separation (21)

Mixing (17)

Packaging (17)

Pelleting (3)

Printing/Labeling (4)

Reprocessing (27)

Shredding (25)

Sieving (9)

Sifting (8)

Sorting (12)

Thermoforming (3)

Washing (5)

Welding (3)

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1 offers from trade representatives

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Keller Lufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
73230 Kirchheim, Germany

INSTANER Technische Isolierungen und Services GmbH
26188 Edewecht, Germany

Band Alpin GmbH
39032 Sand in Taufers, Italy

ICS Cool Energy GmbH
74374 Zaberfeld, Germany

Brabender GmbH & Co. KG
47055 Duisburg, Germany

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