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 Date O/R Material Type Form Details Color Foto  Cert  PDF Amount €/kg Nat.
10-21 (R) POM prW Teile mit Kupfer, Alu, Me.. 2.0 to  
10-21 (R) TPS prW Teile mit Kupfer, Alu, Me.. 7.0 to  
10-21 (R) PEEK prW Teile mit Kupfer, Alu, Me.. 2.0 to  
10-21 (R) PS prW Teile mit Kupfer, Alu, Me.. 2.0 to  
10-21 (R) others prW Teile mit Kupfer, Alu, Me.. 10.0 to  
10-21 (R) PBT prW Teile mit Kupfer, Alu, Me.. 25.0 to  
10-21 (R) PVC-w PVC soft regrind max shor..  
10-21 (R) PVC Vir Pow PVC K70/K67/K56 Neumateri.. natural 250.0 to  
10-21 (R) PE-HD pcW Bls HDPE diesel tanks or heat.. coloured 200.0 to  
10-21 (R) PE-HD oth oth HDPE extrusion - drums, c.. coloured 200.0 to  
10-21 (R) PE-HD HDPE-Öltanks. 100.0 to  
10-21 (R) others Looking for plastic scrap..  
10-21 (R) SBS prW Reg SBS regrind coloured 25.0 to  
10-21 (R) PS prW Reg Looking for PS 20.0 to  
10-21 (R) PC prW We buy PC production wast.. 100.0 to  
10-21 (R) PC/ABS prW Pel PC/ABS offgrade Sonstige 24.0 to  
10-21 (R) PMMA prW Bls PMMA Offcuts Sonstige 24.0 to 0.25 €  
10-21 (R) ECTFE ECTFE Halar 500 & 901  
10-21 (R) TPE PEBAX 7033  
10-21 (R) PEEK prW oth VESTAKEEP oddments natural 2.0 to  
10-21 (R) PA 12 PA12 remnants and oddment.. 20.0 to  
10-21 (R) PVC-h prW Reg PVC-H- schaum, mahlgut od.. grey 50.0 to  
10-21 (R) PVC-w prW Bls PVC-W, produktionabfall, .. grey 40.0 to  
10-21 (R) PLA prW Buying PLA post-industria..  
10-21 (R) HIPS prW Bls wir suchen HIPS mit LF T..  
10-21 (R) HIPS prW Bls wir suchen LF Trays 20.0 to  
10-21 (R) PVC-h Purchase of PVC used wind..  
10-21 (R) others seat belts -production wa.. 100.0 to  
10-21 (R) others printed plastic film - mu..  
10-21 (R) PP pp jumbo bags in bales 300.0 to  
10-21 (R) others looking to buy production.. 100.0 to  
10-21 (R) PMMA PMMA / ACRYLIC CUT PIECES.. 100.0 to  
10-21 (R) PVC tarpaulin / plane / telo.. 100.0 to  
10-21 (R) PVC PVC ROLLS 25.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE-HD prW oth Looking for HDPE bottles 10.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE-LLD prW LLDPE stretch film natural 22.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE-LLD prW oth Industrial waste of stret.. 50.0 to  
10-20 (R) PP prW PP Vlies white 40.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE/PP prW oth PP/PE waste 40.0 to  
10-20 (R) PP prW oth PP vlies 40.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE-LLD prW LLDPE foils transparent 10.0 to  
10-20 (R) PET-A prW PET preforms and bottles 20.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE-LLD prW LLD-PE foils 20.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE natural 100.0 to  
10-20 (R) PE-LLD prW LLDPE film waste transparent 10.0 to  
10-20 (R) PET-A prW oth PET preforms clear 20.0 to  
10-20 (R) PA 6.6 Reg PA66 regrind unfilled 20.0 to  
10-20 (R) PP PP Inspire 1305 20.0 to