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Your advertising in plasticker: top performance at a reasonable price!

Many well-known companies in the plastics industry have trusted in online advertising
for years on the plasticker - and for good reason:

High range
Since July 2006, plasticker has been one of the most-visited and most-used IVW-tested portals in the plastics industry.
Wide range of products and services
Whether as classic banner and newsletter advertising or as individually conceived advertorial, whether categories or context-related placement - in plasticker you will find the suitable advertising form for your individual needs.
Top references
The list of companies that have been advertising with plasticker for years reads like the who-is-who of the plastics industry. Click through the categories and see for yourself. You will find many well-known names.
Excellent price-performance ratio
Durably stable and attractive prices at the highest range ensure a top price-performance ratio.
IVW-tested usage

Since July 2006, the access to has been monitored by the IVW have been officially determined and tested.

Access numbers
for June 2022:

Visits: 168721
PageImpressions: 502075

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Advertise with the market leader

plasticker has been THE top address for banner advertising for years. Well-known companies in the plastics industry permanently rely on the market leader for their online advertising.

Banner Formats:

(B1) Big-Size (960x90)
(S1) Skyscraper, rechts (160x600)
(S2) Skyscraper, links (160x600)
(F1) Full-Size (468x60)
(F2) Full-Size (468x120)
(H1) Half-Size (234x60)
(C1) Half-Size (234x60)
(R1) Content-Ad (300x250)
(R2) Rectangle (245x150)

Banner categories:

  • Homepage
  • News & Prices
  • Material Exchange
  • Maschinery Exchange
  • Job Market
  • Buyers Guide
  • Event Calendar

Further information can be found in our media kit 2024, which we will be happy to send you on request.

Daily in the customer's field of vision

The plasticker newsletters are aimed at specialists and executives in the entire plastics industry. Since 2003, they have regularly informed decision-makers in the industry about all important news and novelties, about companies, markets, raw material prices, insolvencies, job offers, events and much more.

For your active push marketing the weekly newsletter on Thursdays and the weekly review on Saturdays are available to you every week as a combination. Optionally, the daily news service can be added, which is sent up to five times.


Full size banner
600x100 or 600x200 Pixel
jpg, png or gif

Text-only advert
headline up to 80 characters (single line), max. 600 characters body text

Text/Image advert
headline up to 80 characters (single line), image max. 150 x 150 pixels, max. 400 characters body text

Further information can be found in our media kit 2024, which we will be happy to send you on request.

Advertorial - Advertising in an editorial environment

The advertorial contains a teaser designed in the look-and-feel of the plasticker news, which is placed between the daily news and leads the reader to an individually designed topic page. The format is particularly suitable for new product launches and products requiring explanation as well as special topics.

Price: 300,- Euro per week (plus VAT)

plus one-off design fee of 200,- Euro per motif (not applicable from 6 weeks/motif)

Further information can be found in our media kit 2024, which we will be happy to send you on request.

Context Banner - Targeted advertising in exactly the right environment!

In the materials exchange or in the machinery exchange you can advertise even more accurately by presenting your offers to a clearly defined target group.

The means for this are context-related banner circuits. Your banner will always be displayed when users in one of the exchanges select according to certain raw material types or machine groups that you have previously selected and booked.

Example: A compounder has types of ABS, PC, PC/ABS and PA in its portfolio. As soon as users of the commodity exchange search for these types, their banner appears in the hit lists and detailed views of offers & requests. Thus, the compounder only reaches users who are interested in "his" types.

All 133 material types and all 52 machine groups in the raw material and machine exchanges can be individually allocated.

Possible banner formats (W x H):

  • 150 x 60 pixels
  • 300 x 60 pixels
  • 450 x 60 pixels

Prices: on request

Further information can be found in our media kit 2024, which we will be happy to send you on request.

Successful personnel search in the large job market network

Your tenders appear simultaneously in plasticker and on the websites of the partners! By combining the portals of established trade media, trade fairs and associations of the plastics industry, you reach the technical and commercial managers of the industry. Without waste coverage, you can address both seasoned practitioners and qualified junior staff directly here!

Full service - all inclusive: Simply send us the text or the template and we will implement your ad immediately according to your design wishes for the Internet - usually within just a few hours!

» Further information can be found in the job market.

Company presentation

Present your company, your products and services for 150,- Euro per year in the

» buyers guide


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