18.09.2023 - The "Plast 2023" plastics trade show was held in Milan, Italy, from September 5-8, 2023. The fair presented 1.323 exhibitors on a net area of 50.000 square meters, registering 38.000 visitors. Twenty-six percent of visitors came according to the organizer from 109 countries. Of these, Europe stood...
12.09.2023 - Songwon Industrial Co, Ltd. announces the appointment of Steffen Dobberstein as the new Head of Business Unit (BU) Coatings, effective September 11, 2023. As Leader BU Coatings, Steffen Dobberstein will play a pivotal role in defining and driving the Coatings strategy and further advancing SONGWON's...
08.09.2023 - With two Starlinger “recoStar” PET bottle-to-bottle recycling lines, Piedmont-based Dentis Recycling Italy S.r.l. expanded its product portfolio and now offers food-grade rPET pellets in addition to hot-washed PET bottle flakes. In 2021, the Italian recycler of post-consumer PET bottles initiated...
05.09.2023 - Trinseo, a specialty material solutions provider, and its affiliate companies in Europe yesterday announced a price increase for all polystyrene (PS), ABS and SAN grades. Effective September 1, 2023, or as existing contract terms allow, the contract and spot prices for the products listed below will...
31.08.2023 - Since its founding in 2006, the trade journal „bioplastics Magazine“ has informed readers across the globe about the latest developments in the fields of biobased plastics (i.e. plastics made from renewable raw materials rather than from petroleum), biodegradable and compostable plastics, and plastics...
23.08.2023 - In einem Recyclingbetrieb des Abfallverwerters van Gansewinkel in Wandre bei Lüttich, Belgien, ist am Dienstagabend (22. August 2023) gegen 23 Uhr ein Großbrand ausgebrochen. Nach Angaben der Lütticher Feuerwehr sei das Feuer zwar mittlerweile unter Kontrolle, die Löscharbeiten könnten aber wohl noch...
18.08.2023 - Effective September 1st, 2023, Röhm GmbH will increase the prices for its PMMA based film products, which are marketed under the trademarks "Plexiglas" and "Europlex". The increase will be 23 percent (twenty-three percent) in Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific, as far as permissible under existing...
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