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What does the use of "Recybase" cost?

There are no costs to the user for using "Recybase". Regardless of whether offers are only retrieved or also deposited, use is free of charge. However, we would be pleased if you would support our service by making an entry in the buyer's guide or by placing a banner.

Who can access data?

In principle, access to all data is free. Anyone access the current offers and requests without having to register, and can also view the complete detailed information. Registration in the marketplace is required to retrieve supplier data.

Who can enter data?

Anyone can also enter offers and requests. However, the user must register in with his or her complete company data so that a clear assignment of data and owner is possible. In addition, a separate activation is required. This can be requested by email and is usually granted within a short period of time.

How does a transaction come about?

Transactions are always handled directly between buyer and seller. plasticker is not involved in this process. Be sure to exercise due caution when transacting with unknown market participants. If in doubt, use measures to secure transactions such as escrow services.

What kind of entries may be made?

Only concrete and current offers and requests regarding plastic recyclates, surplus material or plastics waste will be accepted. It is not permitted to enter data that deviates from this, e.g. on waste wood, waste paper, machines or simply advertising. These and other data will be deleted by the system operator. In case of repeated misuse, access to the system will be blocked for the respective users.

Can entries be changed later?

Offers and requests can be changed at any time. For this purpose, the corresponding tools are available under the menu item "Your data". You must be logged in to use this area.

How long are the entries online?

Offers and requests are valid for 30 days. After that they are no longer displayed. Of course, the advertiser can also remove his data from the network before the four period expires, e.g. when selling goods. For this purpose, the corresponding tools are available under the menu item "Your data".

What happens after an entry has expired?

After the end of the 30-day period, your data will not be deleted but merely no longer included in the current lists. However, you can reactivate your "old" data for another 30 days at any time.

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Cogelme s.r.l.
15057 Tortona, Italy

JM Kunststofftechnik GmbH
64665 Alsbach-Hähnlein, Germany

99-416 Nieborow, Poland

NSB Polymers GmbH
41541 Dormagen, Germany

NSB Polymers GmbH
41541 Dormagen, Germany

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