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Laborplast SRL

Massari Marzoli 21
21052 Busto Arsizio


Phone:    +39 (0)331 657114
Fax:    +39 (0)331 305977

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export/italian seller

Mr. Stefano Buzzi (

Mobile: +393356179078


sales manager

Mr. Roberto Pariani (


production manager

Mr. Mattia Pariani (

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Plast 2018

2018-05-29 - 2018-06-01: Milan, Italy

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Business: Compounding, Plastic producer, Recycling

Products: Compounds, Recyclat, Regrinds, Virgin Material

Materials: PVC, PVC-h

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Company Profile:

Laborplast Srl operating in the market since 1958, it is among the Italian leaders in recycled rigid PVC processing and converting; first among these is production of granules and reel cores. Since its foundation the company gave special attention to sustainability and respect for the environment, specializing in production of granules and reels in recycled materials that, in addition to technical specifications quite similar to those of virgin PVC, offering an excellent value for money (see “What is PVC”). Our reel cores are suitable for winding flexible packaging, farming, industrial shrink wrapping, textiles, non-woven geotextiles films, any type of net, and, more generally, anything needing to be wound up on a reel core. “Laborplast” recycled granules, marketed since 2005, offer our customers a product resulting from an experience of more than fifty years in the field of extrusion. Due to its success on the market, our company launched substantial investments (new production unit and state-of-the-art recycling plants) that will enable us to market larger quantities and various types of recycled PVC granules. Our laboratory, to which our company chose to allot special care for new products’ development, continually studies and analyses our production to ensure a constant improvement of quality.


ISO 9001

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