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Offer from 2018-01-12
Product: SOMOS Dryer R40 with cooler
Categorie: Drying equipment
Manufact./Type: SOMOS R40
Power: 4.9 kW

SOMOS Dry-air-dryer R40 with 3 hoppers 25l, with heating, automatic air regulation and return air cooler, microprecessor control MC1

Dry air flow rate: 40 m3/h
Heating capacity dry air: 4,5 kW
Heating capacity regeneration: 4,5 kW
Drive capacity: 0,4 kW
Connected wattage: 4,9 kW

completely overhaules with 1 year guarantee (not for spare parts)

Conveying system and spare parts package can be offered on deman
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Supplier:   RDS GmbH

Kronenhofallee 4a, 77694 Kehl, Germany

Contact:  Mr. Moghimi


Phone:+49 (0) 7851 898868 0
Fax:+49 (0) 7851 898868 9

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