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PMS Plastic Moulding Systems GmbH

Malbergstraße 19
56244 Leuterod


Phone:    +49 (0) 2602 67019-0
Fax:    +49 (0) 2602 67019-16

Contact Persons



Mr. Peter Spristersbach

Phone: 02602-67019-12
Fax: -16


LSR Formen

Mr. Ulrich Pleimes

Phone: 02602-67019-20
Fax: -16



Mrs. Christiane Jacobsen

Phone: 02602-67019-10
Fax: -16

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Automatisierter innerbetrieblicher Teiletransport
Einfach Verpacken - teil manuell bis automatisert
6-Achs- Knickarm- Leichtbau- Roboter - kollaborierend
Heißkanal Systeme regeln und steuern
Hochwertige Thermoplast Spritzgießformen zu marktfähigen Preisen
Spritzgießtechnologie für LSR ( Liquid Silikon Kautschuk / Flüssig Silikon Kautschuk )

Business: Trader of New Machinery

Machinery Categories: Sprue seperating equipment, Automation, Molds and tools, Conveying systems, Pelletizers, Hot runner systems, Cooling systems, Storage systems, Peripherals, PET stretch blow moulding machines, Controlling and regulating systems, Robots, Sorting plants, Tempering equipment, Size reduction equpiment, Parts and accessories

Products in Detail:

conveyor belt, box and part storage, automated part transport, table top, separator, PET machines, cap cooler, soft drop, cooling lines, automation, automatisation, robot, linear handling, hot runner control, packaging machine, ganulator, mill, sprue picker, plastic injection moulding, moulds, molds, thermoplast, LSR, cold runner system, extrusion

Company Profile:

We are a supplier and service provider for the injection moulding, plastics processing and other industries. We deliver peripheral machines and devices for injection moulding, die casting, plastic processing and automatisation in common. In our second devision we deliver injection moulds (molds) for the production of mouldings (parts) with thermoplastics and / or LSR ( Liquid Silicone Rubber) as well as needle valve cold runner systems for the processing of LSR. For all our products we certainly offer consulting, development and design as well as maintanance, repair and spare part service.

With kind regards
Yours PMS Plastic Moulding Systems GmbH

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