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Germanplast srl

Via Gramsci, 48
13875 Ponderano


Phone:    + 39 3288436156
Fax:    + 39 015590446

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Mrs. Laura de Montagu (LDM@GERMANPLAST.COM)

Phone: +39015590446
Fax: +30015590446
Mobile: +393288436156



Mr. Paolo Ramella German (INFO@GERMANPLAST.COM)

Phone: +39015590446
Fax: +39015590446
Mobile: +393358305529



Mrs. Martina Ramella German (MARTINA@GERMANPLAST.COM)

Phone: +39015590446
Fax: +39015590446

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Business: Manufacturer, Trader of New Machinery, Trader of Used Machinery

Machinery Categories: Agglomerators, Automation, Conveying systems, Degassing systems, Dosing and metering equipment, Drying equipment, Extruders and Extrusion plants, Extrusion down stream equipment, Heating elements, Injection moulding machines, Laminating units, Machine control and electronics, Mechanical processing machines, Melt filters, Melt pumps, Metalseparators, Mixing equipment, others, Parts and accessories, Pelletising equipment, Pelletizers, Peripherals, Presses, Printing machines, Processing plants, Recycling plants, Robots, Screen changer, Separation equipment, Size reduction equpiment, Slitter rewinder, Sorting plants, Storage systems, Washing systems, Water processing systems, Welding machines

Products in Detail:

Shredders, Grinders, Pelletizers, Washing lines, Fricton Washers,Mixers, Silos,Conveyors, Agglomerators,Compactors, Automatic Waste Processors, Compactors, knives, grids, drilled baskets,motors, gearboxes, dosing units, gearboxes, motors, augers, hoppers, automatic screen-changers, screws, barrels, spare parts for Italian Equipment. We can reconstruct, recondition, and guarantee our second hand machinery supplying sworn appraisals.

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Bild 1: Reclaiming Second Hand Machinery

Bild 2: Complete Refurbishing

Bild 3: Updating to Safety Regulations

Bild 4: Find Your Machine

Bild 5: New Authorized Premises

Company Profile:

Ours is a family business located just under the Italian Alps, running for the last 30 years.
The name GERMANPLAST comes from owner: Mr.Paolo RAMELLA GERMAN, descending from German ancestors, but born in Italy. We conjugate German reliability with Italian affordability.
Our core business is reconditioning used equipment for plastics. We do our job with passion and skill, collaborating with major Italian Constructors to offer brand new lines, where requested, or taylor made projects including new + used equipment, when available. Full commissioning is always available for personnel training, transporting, installation, re-fitting, repairs and spare parts.
Recently we restarted a plastic recycling facility where machines for sale can eventually be seen at work with your own scraps.
The location is in possession of Governmental authorisations to deal with waste plastics.

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We are in possession of the following Governmental Authorizations for dealing with waste materials:
020104 - 150102 - 150106 - 191204 - 200139 - 070299 - 120105 - 160119
160122 - 170203

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