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BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites GmbH & Co. KG

Stubbenweg 40
26125 Oldenburg in Oldenburg


Phone:    +49 441 9317-905

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Mr. Dirk Punke (

Phone: +494419317905


Business Development Engineer

Mr. Florian Jansen (

Phone: +494419317908

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BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites

Business: Distributeur

Products for: Anlagenbau, Automobil, Bauwesen, EDV, Elektro/Elektronik, Fahrzeugbau, Freizeit/Hobby, Garten-/Landschaftsbau, Haushalt, Kommunikation, Landwirtschaft, Logistik, Medizin, Möbel

Produkt Groups: Gewebe, Platten, Preforms, Pressteile, Recyclingprodukte, Spritzgussteile, Tiefziehteile

Products in Detail:

PA6 LFRT, PA66 LFRT, PET LFRT, PBT LFRT, PP LFRT, CF PA6 UD-Tapes, GF PA6 UD-Tapes, GF PP UD-Tapes, Organosheets, woven fabrics

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Bild 1: long fibre reinforced thermoplastic

Bild 2: Our products

Bild 3: CORDENKA rayon yarns

Bild 4: UD-Tapes by MaruHachi

Company Profile:

BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, is a company of the Oldenburg BÜFA Group and was founded in 2018. The spin-off specialises in the sale of raw materials and semi-finished products for the manufacture of components from long and continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics. The focus is on materials made from renewable raw materials.

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BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites GmbH & Co. KG
26125 Oldenburg in Oldenburg, Germany

BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites GmbH & Co. KG
26125 Oldenburg in Oldenburg, Germany

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