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Chen Hsong Germany GmbH

Hooghe Weg 4
47906 Kempen


Phone:    +49 (0) 1520 1604760

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Mr. Andreas Bexte (

Mobile: +49(0) 1520 1604760

Business: Manufacturer, Trader of New Machinery

Machinery Categories: Injection moulding machines

Products in Detail:

Injection molding machines

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Bild 1: Supermaster SM100-SPARK - NEW

Bild 2: Jetmaster JM168-MK6

Bild 3: Supermaster SM1650-TP

Bild 4: Jetmaster JM200 Evolution-MK6 - NEW

Bild 5: SPEED-PACK 400

Company Profile:

CHEN HSONG Germany GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHEN HSONG Europe B.V. in The Netherlands.
The company CHEN HSONG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines, with clamping forces ranging from 20 to 6500 tons.
The team of CHEN HSONG Germany GmbH operates with high degrees of autonomy, providing German customers with technical-oriented solutions and personalized care. Beside CHEN HSONG Europe B.V. in The Netherlands, this Germany company also serves as an additional technical support base.
At CHEN HSONG Germany GmbH in Kempen injection moulding machines are used for demonstrations, tests and training. The large central CHEN HSONG Europe B.V. warehouse in The Netherlands is also well-stocked with many new machines to ensure rapid delivery to the German market.

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