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CONKRET Z.R. Trejderowscy Sp.j.

Wielkie Rychnowo
87-410 Kowalewo Pomorskie


Phone:    +49 211 163 87 510

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Mrs. Lucyna Sektas (

Phone: +49 211 163 87 510

Mobile: +4917668616029


Commercial Manager

Mr. Daniel Lankiewicz (

Phone: +48 56 6842400
Fax: +48 56 6842178
Mobile: +48 505-096-457

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The process of regranulation - Contalen - recycling can save the world

Business: Plastic producer, Trade, Recycling, Compounding

Products: Compounds, Recyclat

Materials: PE, PE-LD, PE-LLD

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Company Profile:

The company Conkret was established in 1990 as a company involved in the production of LDPE and LLDPE regranulates. Your orders are handled by highly competent employees, who improve their qualifications during internal trainings and specialist courses ordered at external providers

Conkret is responsible for the entire technology process: from the purchase of waste secondary materials, their transport, their sorting:
The film is sorted in several stages, crushed, washed, dried and finally extruded.

Our regranulates are of high quality and are constantly available in consistent quality.
What does high quality mean?

+ We sort all waste manually. It can not come to mistakes
+ intensive washing
+ Professional processing in extruders with degassing and state-of-the-art melt filtration
+ Filtration: 100μ (double filtration!)
+ Homogenizing large regranulate batches and testing them
+ we have very modern laboratory
+ Before we deliver, we test the quality

Apart from that, Conkret has been producing high-quality plastic films for 20 years, which is why we know the needs of our customers.
Every day we produce about 100 tons of regranulates and 70 to 80 tons of foil.

By 2020, we will continue to produce Regranulaten Odor-Free.

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PN-EN ISO 9001:2009
PN-EN ISO 14001:2005

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