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Szczepanowska 47
32-800 Brzesko , Poland


Phone:    +48 14 68 49 510
Fax:    +48 14 67 40 511

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sales assistant

Mrs. Katarzyna Żytkowicz (

Mobile: +48 784 347 277


Chairman of the Board

Mr. Pawel Kuta (

Mobile: +48 604 129 119

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Producer of regranulate LDPE
Production of LDPE plastic bags
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Business: Manufacturer

Machinery Categories: Recycling plants, Washing systems

Products in Detail:

Line for plastic recycling


Peripherals: Sink Float Tanks, Grit chambers, Sorting station, Vibrating sieves, Belt feeders, Screw feeders, Service platforms


Foil production

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Bild 1: Friktion wacher S-30 Tandem Evolution

Bild 2: Friktion wascher M-55 Tandem Evolution

Bild 3: Sink Float Tank

Bild 4: Sorting station

Bild 5: Belt fedeers

Company Profile:

About us:

K&K Recykling System Sp. z. o.o. - a leading manufacturer ofinnovative, patented high quality lines for plastic recycling. ( agrotextile, artificial turf, bagged big bags, PP bags, fishing nets, turf wrapping, packaging films (LLdpe, LDPE, HDPE, PP,PVC, PS, PET, PA), crushed toner containers, strech film etc.
The company successfull fullfills the expectations of processors regarding increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption by offering innovative and customized solution for the recycling industry. K&K has significantly reduced electricity consumption, up to 70% compared to existing solution on the market. The offer contains innovative models of dynamic washers, separation baths, belt feeders, screw feeders, grit chambers and other:

Since 1998 we have been also recycling materials LDPE.
WE offer hight quality LDPE regranulat:
*Regranulate LDPE straw
*Regranulate LDPE dark
*Regranulate LDPE bright

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Polnisches Patent für eine dynamische Waschvorrichtung, erteilt vom Patentamt der Republik Polen.

Polish patent for a dynamic washer device granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

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