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Services: Material analysis, testing, QM services, Surveyor, Assessor

Services in Detail:

Chemical analysis of plastics with regard to polymer type, additive and filler content, fiber content, moisture, viscosity and other parameters.

Materials testing
Determination of mechanical properties such as tensile strength, notched bar impact energy, hardness or bending behavior.

Surface testing
Testing of the resistance of the plastic surface to various chemical media or machanic influences such as abrasion or stone chipping.

Environmental simulation
Environmental simulation allows the influence of light, temperature, humidity or salt fog on plastics to be simulated in the laboratory.

Fire testing
Fire tests to classify the flammability of plastics and to determine the burning rate of components.

Damage analysis
Exposure to UV radiation, oxygen and moisture as well as heat and alternating mechanical stresses.

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Materials testing
Surface inspection
Fire test
Environmental simulation
Company Profile

The GWP Plastics Laboratory - a laboratory of the Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH: In our plastics laboratory, which is focused on the automotive industry, materials and components are tested for their quality. According to accredited procedures, we analyze the composition of polymers, determine the mechanical material characteristics or carry out entire component tests. In environmental simulation, stresses caused by sunlight, temperature changes, humidity or salt spray are simulated. A further service is the characterization of the resistance of plastic surfaces to mechanical abrasion, stone chipping or chemical media such as solvents, oils, sweat or sunscreen.

If desired, our services are not limited to the reporting of material-technical characteristic values. We provide targeted support for your projects, accompany developments and are there for you in an advisory capacity. We evaluate damage cases, point out correlations in materials and manufacturing and offer profitable solutions.
Our customers benefit from our wide range of methods, hybrid service bundles and a unique network. Thus, synergies can be used optimally and our customers benefit from a timely, flexible and economic partnership.

Die GWP Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH ist nach
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03 akkreditiert.

Unter anderem in den Bereichen:
Metallographische Untersuchungen
Analytische Untersuchungen Kunststoffen und Faserverbundwerkstoffen
Mechanisch-technologische Untersuchungen an Kunststoffen
Klimaprüfungen, Korrosionsprüfungen, Licht- und Wetterechtheiten
Farb- und Glanzmessungen
Bestimmung des Brennverhaltens
Bestimmung des Geruchsverhaltens
Bestimmung der Rauheit, Scheuerbeständigkeit, Kratzbeständigkeit, Steinschlagfestigkeit und Abriebfestigkeit von Oberflächen

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