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Business: Plastic producer, Distribution

Products: Regrinds, Composites, Recyclat

Materials: Additive, Bio-PE, Bio-PP, Cellulose, Filler Material, PE, PE/PP, PLA, PMMA, PVC, others

Additives: Bio stabilisers, Colored pigments, Fillers, Bonding agents, Conductive additives, Surface finishing agents, Optical brighteners, PVC stabilisers, Mold release agents, Reinforcing agents, others

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Olea FP in different micron ranges
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Thermoplastic compound filled with Olea FP
Coating (table top) with Olea FP
Standard pallet
Company Profile offers innovative functional fillers made from renewable raw materials. Our focus is the processing of agricultural by-products into powder additives in numerous particle sizes.

Our Olea FP (Functional Powder) product line is particularly suitable as a reactive lightweight filler, as a reinforcing powder, texturing agent and surface modifier. We recommend the use in bio-based or conventional plastics or composites, e.g. PE, PE, HDPE, HDPP, PLA, PMMA, acrylate, PVC as well as epoxy and PU compounds.

All of our products are available in both a natural and functionalized form. The latter refers to surface-modified particles, e.g. to make them hydrophobic, reduce the oil absorption capacity or increase compatibility with different chemistries. In addition, we offer bio-based color particles for the design of colored surface effects, e.g. in coating systems.

We manufacture in Spain, only use locally sourced raw materials and have specialized in the processing of olive stones. These are a by-product of the olive oil production and are transformed into micronized powders and granules in a resource-saving process. Our production meets the highest sustainability standards.

We supply to industrial customers worldwide and offer samples and small batches for testing purposes. We are pleased to assist you in choosing the right bio-additives for your application(s).


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