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poraComp GmbH

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Mr. Lars Helmlinger (

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Mr. Torsten Grünert (

Mobil: +49 151 72420769

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KUTENO – Kunststofftechnik Nord

2023-05-09 - 2023-05-11: Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany

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Business Categories

Business: Compounding

Products: Compounds

Materials: ABS, Additive, ASA, Filler Material, PA, PA 6, PA 12, PBT, PC, PE, PE-HD, PE-LD, PET, PO, PP, PP-Copo, PP-GF, PP-Homo

Additives: Antioxidants, Antistatic agents, Colored pigments, Flame retardants, Fillers, Lubricants, Bonding agents, Light/UV stabilisers, Nucleating agents, Surface finishing agents, Impact modifiers, Blowing agents, propellants, Processing aids, Compatibilisers, Heat stabilisers, Plasticisers, softeners, others

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We see ourselves as specialists in the modification and refinement of thermoplastics with our in-house products Poraver® expanded glass and poraSpheres® hollow glass beads, both made from recycled glass. By using our functional fillers made from resource-saving recycled glass, we create the plus in sustainability with unique properties.

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