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Offer from 2020-10-30
Product: Arburg 221K 350-100 top maintain
Categorie: Injection moulding machines
Manufact./Type:   Arburg 221K 350-100

Build in: 2004

Location: Hannover, Germany


Description: Newly arrived and immediately available\r\n\r\ntechnically and optically very well maintained injection moulding machine Thermoplast\r\n\r\n\r\nMake: Arburg\r\nType: 221K 350-100\r\nYear of construction : 2004\r\n\r\nClamping unit\r\nclamping force: 350 kN/ 35 tons\r\nOpening path: 200 mm\r\nmold installation height: 150 mm (min.)/300 max\r\nmax. distance tool plates: 350 - 500 mm\r\nclamping plates hxv: 342 x 250 mm\r\ndistance between tie bars: 221 mm\r\n\r\nInjection unit \r\nScrew diameter: 25 mm\r\ndisplacement: 49 ccm\r\nSpray weight: 41 gr.\r\nSpraying pressure 2000 bar\r\n\r\nWeight: 1060 kg\r\n\r\nRobot interface: Yes, Euromap 12\r\nhighly wear-resistant injection moulding set\r\nopen nozzle/heating band for this\r\nInjection control incl. holding pressure/ramp/movement\r\nCooling water distribution\r\nEjector quick coupling\r\nEjector plate locking\r\nTemperature control\r\nPrinter interface\r\nEquipment package: \r\n1 extended monitoring\r\n2 extended movement\r\n3 Production control \r\n5 Optimization of operating tools\r\n6 Quality Assurance\r\n7 Documentation / actual value protocol \r\nPotential-free contact for batch device: Yes\r\n\r\nincl. machine manual and system diskettes\r\n\r\nThe offer does not include vacuum conveyors and robot/handling\r\ncondition: fully functional\r\n\r\n-available immediately in our warehouse in Hannover/Germany\r\n- tested, fully functional, partly overhauled, constantly maintained

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