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BATTENFELD BA 2000-630+250V BK
Offer from:2022-01-24
Categorie:Injection moulding machines
Manufact./Type:BA 2000-630+250V BK
Technical data:
Build in: 2000
Logistical data:
Location: 40764 Langenfeld, Germany
warehouse no.: 502918
manufacturer: BATTENFELD
type: BA 2000-630+250V BK
controller: UNILOG B4
year of construction: 2000

technical data clamping unit
clamping force: 2000 kN
distance between tie bars h:: 560 mm
distance between tie bars v:: 560 mm
size of mould plates h: 800 mm
size of mould plates v: 800 mm
min. mould height: 120 mm
max. mould height: 450 mm
max. open daylight: 1170 mm
opening stroke: 450 mm
ejector stroke: 160 mm
ejector force: 67 kN
centering diameter of moving platen: 160 mm
centering diameter of fixed platen: 160 mm

technical data injection unit
screw diameter: 50 mm
swept volume: 353 ccm
injection pressure: 1767 bar
screw length: 18 l/d
screw stroke: 180 mm
screw speed: 280 min
screw torque: 1000 N
plasticising rate: 42 g/s PS
injection rate into the open: 208 g/s PS
number of heating zones: 1+3
nozzle stroke: 400 mm

measures & weight
measures of machine lxbxh: 6.09m x 1.711m x 2.225m
The construction height with the second injection unit is 3.91 m.
total weight: 7800KG

equipment included

screen text german
core pulling hydraulically 2x
machine without material hopper
Anti vibration mounts

Maschinenbasics BA 2000-630+250V BK:
250er verticale injection unit
screw diameter:35mm swept volume: 134,7 cm³
injection pressure:1856 bar
screw length: 18 l/d

Maschinenhandel Borowski GmbH

Schneiderstr. 10
40764 Langenfeld

Contakt: Mr. Benjamin Borowski
(speaks: German, English)

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