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Offer from:2022-01-24
Categorie:Injection moulding machines
Manufact./Type:TM 270-1900
Technical data:
Build in: 2007
Operating hours: 39.000 h
Logistical data:
Location: 40764 Langenfeld, Germany
warehouse no.: 503001
manufacturer: BATTENFELD
type: TM 270-1900
controller: UNILOG B4
year of construction: 2007
operation hours: 39000 h
available: 08/2021

technical data clamping unit
clamping force: 2700 kN
distance between tie bars h:: 630 mm
distance between tie bars v:: 630 mm
size of mould plates h: 940 mm
size of mould plates v: 940 mm
min. mould height: 250 mm
max. mould height: 650 mm
max. open daylight: 1250 mm
opening stroke: 600 mm
ejector stroke: 200 mm
ejector force: 59 kN

technical data injection unit
screw diameter: 65 mm
swept volume: 1078 ccm
injection pressure: 1777 bar
screw length: 22 l/d
screw stroke: 325 mm
screw speed: 384 min
screw torque: 2340 N
plasticising rate: 68 g/s PS
injection rate into the open: 360 g/s PS
number of heating zones: 1+5
nozzle stroke: 500 mm

measures & weight
measures of machine lxbxh: 7.08m x 1.705m x 2.1m
total weight: 11800KG

equipment included

screen text german
CEE-socket 16A
core pulling hydraulically 2x
Anti vibration mounts

Maschinenbasics TM 270-1900:

Sale – second hand injection moulding machine with toggle-system technologie “TM”:

We are offering our used injection moulding machine that has run 39,000 operation hours. The service for injection moulding machines do detailed checkup of all function before the machine is sold. The check-up includes a complete overview and functional check-up of the important functions and parameters. The hydraulic of the plastification get also detailed check-up to be sure that the screw and cylinder are in good condition for starting further productions.

The clamping system has a short construction at high rigidity and stability of the clamping plate and the machine frame. Exact platen parallelism is achieved over the entire stroke. The linear guides for supporting the clamping unit needs very low maintenance. The 5 point toggle-system is proved and has got a long live. The injection moulding protecton is sensitive and the structure of the components are constructed very service-friendly.

The concept of the “1900” injection unit works with the highest precision and reproducibility. The compact design with integrated injection block in which the direct drive of the slow running hydraulic motor offers the highest level of repeat accuracy thanks to the controlled servo value.

In general, high-performance plasticization systems for injection molding machines can meet a wide range of requirements. For this purpose, mixing, shearing and barrier screws and cylinders of the plasticizing units grooved in the feed are used for specific requirements.


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