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Blow moulding machine
Offer from:2022-01-12
Categorie:Blow moulding machines
Manufact./Type:series TMS, mod. 1001
Logistical data:
Location: Granollers, Spain
Ref. 137P21\r\nSIDE series TMS, mod. 1001 Blow Moulding Machine, manufacturing No. FM160\r\nYear 17-12-2003 – Excellent condition – Working hours............ \r\nContainers production: 1.000 to 1.300 b/h.\r\nContainers capacity: from 330 c.c. to 2 l.\r\nOven:\r\n-Heating modules: 2 active + 1 spare.\r\n-Heating zones: 8\r\nPress and stretch-blow moulding: \r\n-Hollows: 1.\r\n-Minimum distance between plates with closed mould: 205 mm.\r\n-Maximum distance between plates with open mould: 365 mm.\r\n-Stretch travel: 500 mm.\r\nProformas transport system and loader: \r\n-Transport units: 55 – Size: 140 x 80 mm.\r\n-Proformas loading capacity (small format): 8.000 u. approx.\r\n-Set of proformas-holder mouth 33/38 Bericap, a hopper for proformas and a conveyor belt for blowed bottles positioning are included. \r\nElectricity grid:\r\n-Installed power: 60 kw. – Average power consumption 20 kw.\r\n-Input voltage: Three-phase 380 V., 50/60 Hz.\r\nPneumatic network and cooling:\r\n-High pressure air: 100/150 m3/h. at 40 bar.\r\n-Low pressure air: 30 m3/h. at 6 bar.\r\n-Cooling power: 22.000 kcal./h. from 3 to 5 bar.\r\nRemarks:\r\n-Moulds are not included.\r\n-Subject to prior agreement, it can be inspected duly dismantled near Barcelona.\r\n\r\n


P.I. Radium - C/Dr. Severo Ochoa, 27
08403 Granollers

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