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Crushmaster G 60 NEW
Offer from:2024-05-23
Categorie:Size reduction equpiment
Manufact./Type:G 60
Price:9,500.00 €
Technical data:
Build in: 2023
Power: 15,0 kW
The G and H series compact mills are primarily designed for
Used in injection molding and blow molding applications to recycle bulky products
Parts such as bottles, canisters and boxes as well as flush blow molding
and injection channels. Their low height makes them ideal for use
manual feeding of such parts. The low noise level and the small footprint
This makes them perfect for inline recycling processes.
Compact design, small space requirement
All knives are adjusted in a device outside the machine
to reduce downtime for maintenance work
Aggressive feed thanks to the curved rear wall of the cutting chamber
Large screening area for high throughput rates
Modern V-Cut technology produces high-quality ground material
while reducing energy consumption and noise

Rotor diameter (mm) 250
Rotor width (mm) 600
Drive capacity (HP) 20
Rotor blade (piece) 3 x 1
Stator knife (rows) 2
Funnel opening (mm) 340 x 600
Total length (mm) 1348
Length machine (mm) 1000
Total width (mm) 1165
Width machine (mm) 834
Height (mm) 1712

Zerma Europe GmbH & Co. KG

Buchenring 8 - 10
21272 Egestorf

Contakt: Mr. Joachim Voss


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