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GMB#45039 (2008) Schenk Variprint SPIDER EX 10/12 ER Screen printing machine – 12 Stations in POLAND
Offer from:2022-11-30
Categorie:Printing machines
Manufact./Type:Variprint SPIDER EX 10/12 ER
Price:29,500.00 €
Technical data:
Build in: 2008
Logistical data:
Location: Poland
GMB#45039 (2008) Schenk Variprint SPIDER EX 10/12 ER Screen printing machine – 12 Stations in POLAND

Brand: Schenk

Model: Variprint SPIDER EX 10/12 ER

Year: 2008

12 stations (pallets)

10 automatic printing mechanisms

Print format: 450 x 500 mm (1000 x 500 mm in double index)

Machine diameter: 4.744 mm

12 pieces of aluminum sandwich pallets, 420 x 700 mm

6 pieces of aluminum sandwich pallets, 1200 x 950 mm

12 squeegees 400 mm with rubber 40 x 8 mm, 65/80 0 Shore

10 pieces 900 mm with rubber 40 x 8 mm, 65/80 0 shore

Energy demand:

Electric: 400V, 50/60 Hz, 16A

Compressed air: 8 bar, approx. 3 m3 / h per printing mechanism

Standard equipment:

Digital microprocessor control

Control via touch display with diagnosis display

and reports in different languages - POLISH LANGUAGE

Start / Stop foot pedal for manual operation

3 printing programs, 2 priming programs, 1 flocking program

A program that enables 3D printing

Design program / Start / Exit the program

System of precise pattern setting with a scale

Print registration accuracy +/- 0.025 mm

Side pattern loading

Pneumatic template clamping

Double squeegee pressed with compressed air with individual angle setting

Pressure and constant height adjustment individually for each squeegee

Right / left gear can be set

Double index, ½ index

Control panel on each printing arm

Raised printing arm

Electric lifting system (enables central setting of the distance stand from the console

between the pallet and the sieve)

Individual setting of the pallet height in relation to the screen at each station

The "Replay" program - enables multiple lifting of, for example, one sleeper


Program "MIX" - eg first rotation active stations 1; 3; 5, second turn

active stations 2; 4; 6

"SKIP" function for skipping a table top with a badly positioned pattern

Multiprint function for each arm

Location: Poland
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