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Offer from 2019-09-27
Product: Drum Press for 30-200liter drums
Categorie: Presses
Manufact./Type: BTS-Fasspresse - Drum Press
Build in: 2019
Power: 11.0 kW


The BTS-Drum Crusher was designed for specialized recycling plants. Drum Press is suitable for pressing barrels with a volume of up to 200l. Crusher allows increasing the volume reduction of up to 90%, thereby reducing disposal costs and the handling of huge barrels. Compacting creates an enormous volume reduction, available storage and cargo space so the allowed transport weight can be exploited efficient.

High compaction force ratio
Totally enclosed chamber ensures high level of safety
30Lt. oil collection tray with tap connection
Made in Europe

Technical details:
Drum Press
Height: 2587mm
Width: 1190mm
Depth: 1000mm
Weight: 690kg
Transportation Ht: 1800mm
Power Supply: 380-400V (three phase)
Motor: 11kW 32 Amp
Pressing Force: up to 24 Ton
Noise Level: 75 decibels
Compaction Ratio: 6:1
Cycle Times: 40 seconds

Loading Aperture:
Height: 1210mm
Width: 802mm
Depth: 816mm

Optional Extras:
Multi-Head to compact inside a 200Lt. steel drum
PLC control with automatic bale cycle

Demo-Video on our webpage

Contact information for this offer
Supplier:   Beckmann Technik & Service KG

Bökerhof 3, 33034 Brakel, Germany

Contact:  Mr. Henning Beckmann
(speaks: German, English)

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German, English


Phone:+49 (0)5271 9992761
Mobile:+49 (0)172 7066259
Fax:+49 (0)5271 9992763

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