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Offer from 2020-03-30
Product: ZUICK SRL-W 1300 L High Speed Mixer with Cooler 3500 - NEW in CHINA
Categorie: Mixing equipment
Manufact./Type: Zuick SRL-W 1300
Build in: 2018
Price: 107,500.00 EUR 

ZUICK SRL-W 1300 L High Speed Mixer with Cooler 3500 L

I. 1300 L high-speed mixer
Model: SHR-1300A
1) stirred tank
(A) total capacity: 1300L, effective volume: 960L, a feeding amount: ≤450Kg
(B) Shape: Disc bottom
(C) bottom of the barrel inside the barrel body: SUS304 production, δ = 12mm, 200 # polished
Bottom of the barrel portion sprayed tungsten carbide coating
(D) the barrel: SUS304 production, δ = 10mm, 200 # polished
(E) outer barrel: Q235-A production, δ = 8mm
(F) the barrel top ring flange: SUS304 production, δ = 25mm, 200 # polished
(G) floor: Q235-A production, δ = 20mm
(H) barrel inter layer can pass HTF pressure ≤0.1MPa
(I) electric heating
(J) the barrel with the measured material temperature thermocouple and measuring oil temperature thermocouples
2) stirring wing
3) lift lid
4) Base
5) discharge outlet
6) motor
A, Model: ABB inverter
B, Power: 220Kw
7) seal parts
8) safety device

II. SHL-W3500A Cooling Mixer
1?Mixing tank
(A) Total volume ?3500L?Effective volume?2450L
(B)Shape?Horizontal round drum
(C) Inner barrel material?SUS304?δ=12mm?250#polishing processed ? External barrel material?Q235-A, δ=12mm.
Internal barrel support: Q235-A, δ=25mm
The layer between the inner barrel and external layer can be connected to water to cool the material. (Water pressure: 9-15?≤0.1Mpa)
There is feeding and venting holes on the barrel.
2? Mixing Blades
3?Barrel cover and lift parts
4?discharge device
5?Speed Reducer and Motor
A?Motor Model?Y250M-4
B. Motor Power: 37KW
C. Output Rotary Speed: 88rpm
D. Speed Reducer Model: R137-Y37-4P-16.8-M1-I
6?Axes sealing parts
8?Safety device

Main electrical elements are from Siemens
Electrics as requested: 460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 HZ (four wires; 3 phases + earth)
Warranty: 12 months
Condition: New

Price ZUICK SRL-W 1300 L High speed mixer with Cooler 3500 L:
1300L Hot mixer
Spare blades
220KW ABB inverter+electric components
3500L cooling mixer
37KW ABB inverter
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Supplier:   Escobar Trading Inc

10261 SW 92 Terrace, 33176 Miami, United States

Contact:  Mr. Octavio Garcia



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