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Blackfriars Granulator 525 BG
Offer from:2021-11-22
Categorie:Size reduction equpiment
Technical data:
Build in: 1995
Rubber Bale Granulator
Motor: 75 KW
Output: 1500kg/h
Included: Feeding belt
Dimensions: 2700 x 2200 x 2100mm
Weight: 2500 Kg

Granulators, Size Reduction Machines and Waste Recycling Systems.
Model 525 BG

The 525 bale granulator may be operated as a manual or automatic installation, producing a uniform granule at consistent rates. Mechanical assistance is fitted where required to ease access to the cutting chamber. Complete clean down of machine for material change is a simple task.

Performance – This machine accepts complete 35kg bales of natural rubber and most grades of synthetic rubbers. In one pass it reduces these bales to granules. Granules in various sizes are obtainable down to a minimum size of about 6 to 8mm.

The main drive motor is either 55Kw or 75Kw, depending on requirements. The granulator has a V-rope drive.

The throughput depends on the rubber being processed and the granule size required. Typically, 1500kg/hr is obtainable.

The machine combines in a simple but ingenious way several features including an unusual rotor, a storage chamber and a special knife configuration.
The 525BG conforms to international safety requirements and incorporates the Blackfriars Scrulok Safety Switching System, with positive mechanical locking and time-delay key release, which guards entry to the cutting chamber.

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