Supplier of Machinery and Equipment

B. Schulz Kunststoffmaschinen

Braasstraße 3
31737 Rinteln


Phone:    +49 (0) 5751 44237
Fax:    +49 (0) 5751 42560

Business: Trader of Used Machinery

Machinery Categories: Documentations and Operating manuals, others, Injection moulding machines, Parts and accessories

Products in Detail:

Supplyer of Injection Moulding Machines and lines

Activity fields: Overhauling of Injection Moulding Machines, Retrofit,
used machines selling

Machine group: Injection Moulding Machines, PET Preform-Machines,
accessories, Components, Spare Parts

Products into details: Injection Moulding Machines, PET Preform-Maschines, Electrical spare parts, Control assemblies for Demag NC II,
NC III, NC 4, Hydr.- Spare Parts: Valves, Pumps etc..
Mechanical Spare Parts, Screws, Barrels, Tips and more on enquiry

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Bild 1: Demag D560-3910

Bild 2: Demag ET 200-1450 rapid

Bild 3: Demag D 430 Touch Screen MP 270

Bild 4: Demag D 500-2800 NC 4

Bild 5: PET-O-MAT P 50-130 MC III

Company Profile:

The companies activities are based on buying and selling as well as overhauling (refurbished) of injection moulding machines.

Our offers: Injection moulding machines types of: Demag Ergotech and anothers as well Hydr. Spare Parts of Sauer Siro, Vickers, Rexroth, Controls for Demag NC II, NC III, NC 4 in the same way as new, regenerated and used spare parts for these kinds of machinery

When the machines arrive at our works they will be cleaned an connected. We test, check and control the electric, mechanic and hydraulic components, barrels and screws thoroughly. Parts which are broken will be repaired or, if necessary, completely replaced by original new parts. Pumps and hydraulic valves as well as screws and barrels are repaired by specialists or, in case, exchanged for new.

After work for repairing every machine is tested in its functions and all parameters are controlled. After the whole tests are done the machines are newly painted either in original colour or to the wishes of our customer.

We give a function- guarantee!!!

This means that our injection moulding machines are producing by right setting up and right attendance as so we have tested them in our factory.

At our web pages you will find our stock- in-trade (newly dated)

Please arrange with us date in order to show you one of our reconditioned injection moulding machines in working condition.

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