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RJG Germany GmbH

Stifterstrasse 12
63791 Karlstein


Phone:    +49 (0) 6188 4469611
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Mr. Ulrich Bretthauer (

Phone: 06188 4469611
Fax: 06188 4469612

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RJG Inc.

Services: Engineering, QM services, Software, Training courses, Seminars, others

Services in Detail:

Injection Molding Training, Injection Molding Technology, Cavity Pressure Technology, Process Control, Part Containment, Process Stabilization, Consulting

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Bild 1: Process Control and Monitoring with eDART

Bild 2: Injection Molding Training

Company Profile:

RJG is a recognized international leader in injection molding training, technology and resources.

The RJG eDART System™ revolutionized the industry by providing standardized parts processing and advanced diagnostic tools. A full complement of related products - sensors, installation kits, software modules and more - makes RJG an important supplier for companies looking to improve product quality and consistency, while optimizing efficiency and performance.

In addition, RJG provides both general interest and specialized training for injection molding professionals at all levels. Support and training are provided world-wide at RJG Regional Sales Offices throughout the world and via the Internet.

The RJG customer list includes progressive-minded companies in the automotive, medical, and general plastics processing segments.

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