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Georg H. Luh GmbH

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65396 Walluf


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Tel.: +49 6123 7980
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Mrs. Angelina Schöffel (

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Mr. Christian Lange (

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Mr. Christian Conrad (

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Business Categories

Business: Trade

Products: Additiv

Materials: Additive, Filler Material

Additives: Flame retardants, Fillers, Lubricants, Bonding agents, Conductive additives

Pictures of the company and its products
Graphite moulded parts
Expandable Graphite as halogene-free flame retardant
Graphite for conductivity applications
Company Profile

Georg H. Luh Company: Your specialist for graphite and mica

Long term experience: For over 80 years, Georg H. Luh Company has stood for wide technical expertise in the area of mineral raw materials. From our company headquarters in Rheingau, we cultivate business relationships across the entire world. This is based on the longstanding and close cooperation we have with our manufacturers and suppliers.

Exceptional quality: High quality, reliability, and last but not least, consistent prices and merchandise are the cornerstone of our work. Every day, millions of products are manufactured using the materials from our company. Fulfilling this responsibility is part of everything that we do.

Excellent service: As a reliable partner, we assist our customers in both practical matters and in providing sound advice. Armed with comprehensive expertise and a range of diverse additional services, we can also implement special projects in a rapid and flexible manner. For each challenge, we find a solution that is innovative and unique.

Your advantages at a glance
► Wide-ranging expertise in graphite and mica raw materials
► Customised, made-to-measure resource solutions
► Consistentquality and high standard of raw materials
► Cost-effective sourcing of commodity grades
► Efficient solutions in the areas of packing, warehouse storage and logistics

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2009

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