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Schulungszentrum für Spritzgießtechnik

Bergmattinger Weg 12
93161 Sinzing


Phone:    +49 941307660
Fax:    +49 9413076611
Internet:  www.spritzgiessfü

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Mr. Helmut Kraft (

Phone: 0049941307660
Fax: 00499413076611
Mobile: 00491702331177


Assistenz der GF / Marketing

Mrs. Cornelia Kraft (

Phone: 0049941307660
Fax: 00499413076611
Mobile: 00491712733520

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K-MESSE 2019

2019-10-16 - 2019-10-23: 40474 DÜSSELDORF, Germany

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Besuchen Sie uns auf unserer website

Services: Engineering, Mould making, Purchase, QM services, Training courses, Seminars, others

Services in Detail:

With us you get

the worlds only injection molding license® !

Injection molding technology intensive training courses from
Basic course 1 to advanced course 5
with written, oral + practical exam
Written exam = over 400 questions.

E-Mail-Hotline - free of charge - for all your questions about your daily production!

12 training locations throughout Germany

Further trainings in Europe - Baltic States - Czech Republic - Asia - America - Mexico

All trainings and course documents in national language!

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Bild 1: Mr. Dipl. Ing.(FH) Helmut Kraft - CEO

Bild 2: Mrs. Cornelia Kraft - Assistenz CEO Marketing

Bild 3: Injection Intensive Courses 1 - 5

Company Profile:

We would like to introduce ourselves.
We * the * injection molding technology training center * train the injection molding process in all its parameters throughout Germany at 12 training locations and worldwide in Europe, Asia, America and Mexico.
Especially in toolmaking - especially in hot runner technology.
If you take part in our 5 consecutive intensive injection molding courses (á 2 days) in the course 5 an examination in written, oral and practical form will be accepted. If this is passed, the participant receives the worlds only injection molding license ®, which certifies the ability to process and cost-optimized injection molding. Visit and still on our homepage

Should you have further detailed questions ... .. ask!
Could we spark your interest?
Wed love to hear from you.

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