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recyplast GmbH

In der Struth 19
56204 Hillscheid


Phone:    +49 (0) 2624 9560-0
Fax:    +49 (0) 2624 9560-20

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Mrs. Manuela Gerhards (

Phone: +49 2624 9560-0
Fax: +49 2624 9560-20

Business: Trade, Recycling, Compounding

Products: Surplus Material , Compounds, Recyclat, Regrinds, Plastics Waste

Materials: ABS, ABS/PA, ASA, Copolyester, EPDM, EPP, EPS, EPVC, EVA, HIPS, LCP, MABS, Masterbatch, PA, PA amorph, PA 4.6, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.12, PA 6.6/PA 6, PA 11, PA 12, PBT, PBT/ABS, PBT/ASA, PC, PC/ABS, PC/ASA, PC/PBT, PE, PE-HD, PE-LD, PE-LLD, PE/PA, PE/PP, PEEK, PEI, PES, PET, PET-A, PET-G, PMMA, PO, POM, PP, PP-Copo, PP-GF, PP-Homo, PP-TV, PP/EPDM, PPA, PPE, PPO, PPS, PS, PS/Alu, PSE, PSU, PTFE, PUR, PVB, PVC-h, PVC-w, PVDF, SAN, SBS, SEBS, SMA, others, TEEE, TPE, TPO, TPU, TPV

Additives: Flame retardants, Masterbatches, PVC stabilisers, Impact modifiers

Company Profile:

The aim of Recyplast is to completely recycle the waste from
any primary plastics processing,separated as to type and grade
of plastic material, back into the general circulation of materials.
We call this: Plastic´s Second Career.
Thus Recyplast makes a contribution to the ecological
balance of our world and to the saving of valuable resources.
Our customers expect us to provide high-quality plastics on the basis of a good price performance ratio.
Recyplast-products consist of carefully collected materials which are
professionally processed to be reused for high-quality plastic products.
By talking to our customers, we are able to determine and explain to our customers the advantages of using our recycled Recyplast-materials.
With our high standards of both quality materials and processing technology we provide our customers with the basis for a safe and inexpensive supply of raw material, high added value and thus improved competitiveness. Our Extrusion capacity on double- and singlescrew extruders is about 6000 mt per year. Also we offer toll-working.


ISO 9001:2000
AQSIQ Registration

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