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NGR - Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH

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A-4101 Feldkirchen


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Business: Manufacturer

Machinery Categories: Extruders and Extrusion plants, Extrusion down stream equipment, Pelletizers, Recycling plants, Screen changer

Products in Detail:

In-line and stand-alone Recycling- and re-granlulation lines with incorporated single-shaft schredder for recycling of all kind of plastic waste without precutting

Company Profile:

The company NGR was founded in 1996 with the aim of development, design and marketing of recycling plants for the processing of thermoplastic and technical plastic waste arising in plastic processing industries. Based on the patented heart – the combination of Single Shaft Shredder and Extruder – the NGR plants are most suitable for recycling of problematic scrap such as oriented film, tapes, fibres, raffia, woven bags and even lumps without pre-cutting, which is required with conventional recycling machinery.
The 4 different modular designed model-ranges to meet different application and customer requirements guarantee a high quality recycling process of various plastic material at low energy cost:
E:GRAN 10 – 50 kg/h (22 – 110 lbs)
A:GRAN 20 – 100 kg/h (44 - 220 lbs)
S:GRAN 140 - 800 kg/h (308 – 1760 lbs)
X:GRAN 1100 – 1500 kg/h (2420 – 4400 lbs)

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