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MKV GmbH Kunststoffgranulate

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Business Categories

Subcontracting: Compounding, Colouring, Metall separation, Dust exstraction, Mixing, Reprocessing, Shredding, Sieving, Granulation, Packaging

Subcontracting in Detail:

MKV offers you a fully comprehensive “care-free” service package. Whether it concerns the disposal, grinding, dust extraction, metal separation, compounding, regranulating or laboratory analysis of plastics, MKV is your reliable partner in the plastics industry.

👉 The benefits are obvious!

Make use of our expertise and technology. Not only can you generate revenue with the disposal of injection moulding scrap but you can also make more effective use of your resources by feeding back scrap parts and sprues into the production process.

A fully comprehensive care-free service package – thats what MKV is offering with its services:

👉 Disposal
👉 Grinding
👉 Dusting
👉 Metal Separation
👉 Regranulating
👉 Compounding
👉 Laboratory Analyses

Pictures of the company and its products
MKV - Center of Recycling ans Sustainability
Company Profile

MKV GmbH Kunststoffgranulate is a medium sized enterprise located in the heart of Europe. Since 1960 we have been living the idea of recycling and producing high quality thermoplastics.

We appreciate that due to the economic climate and the daily challenges presented by the industry, time and quality are guiding factors in the decision making of our customers.

Quality assured compounds, a customer oriented service and fast non-bureaucratic product deliveries distinguish us from our competitors. True to the motto: "Our Quality is Your Success!"

We are Changing the Way We Live - Residual material, sprue-waste, scrap parts and machine purgings are viewed and sorted before being processed. Following this, eight machines grind, remove the dust and strip any metal from the material.

This allows us to effectively use the resources of injection moulding companies and feed scrap parts or sprue waste back into the recycling loop. These products serve as the basis for our high-quality assured products.

At you can get more sustainable and cost-saving information.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Nicht nur MKV ist zertifiziert, sondern auch die CO2-Ersparnis des MKV Rezyklates pro eingesetzten Kilogramm.


Not only MKV is certified, but also the CO2 savings of MKV recyclate per kilogram used.
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