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Celanese: Price Increases For Engineered Materials Polymer Products

Celanese recently announced price increases on its Polyamide 66 and Polyamide 6 compounded engineering plastics including "Celanyl", "Nilamid", "Frianyl", "Ecomid", "Nylfor", "Nivionplast", and "Omnilon".

The price increases below will be effective for orders shipped on or after September 17, 2018, or as contracts otherwise allow.

Polyamide 66 compounded products$0.35€0.60$0.75
Polyamide 6 compounded products$0.10-$0.25
"Ecomid" / "Nylfor" R$0.10$0.40$0.25

Individual grades may be subject to a higher increase than specified above.


More information:

Celanese Corporation, Dallas, Texas, USA

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